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Winter sports are becoming more and more popular, with the number of winter sports enthusiasts ski touring has grown steadily in recent years: real mountain lovers who are just waiting for the first snowfall to take their equipment out of the snow. ski touring ! Away from the ski lifts and the crowded slopes, far from the noise, ski touring allows you to enjoy the mountains 100% .

The activity requires versatile ski equipment, even specific for the most purist among you. A perfect compromise between hiking and mountaineering, ski touring is a mountain sport that is particularly appreciated for its exceptional setting. We deliver all the latest ski touring equipment for the winter season.

Ski touring: specific equipment

The ski touring is quite technical and requires specific equipment to be able to go everywhere. The touring skis are very light, for easy ascents, short enough for easy descents and wide enough for travel in soft snow. To go up, you attach "sealskins" to the underside of the touring skis and the bindings must allow you to free the heel, while for the downhill, you block the heel to get the skis on the piste and remove the skins.

  • The skis

The choice is vast and often depends on your level and the use you make of it.

The touring skis are generally quite versatile, pleasant on descents, but perfect on uneven terrain and for multi-day raids. For this type of ski touring man or ski touring woman, the width is generally between 75 and 85 cm, the cores are made of light wood, most of the time, it is associated with carbon fibers for good rigidity. This also improves grip on hard snow. The rib lines have been modernized for more skiability so that performance and fun are at the rendezvous! The weight of the skis is an element to be evaluated according to its size, it is generally recommended not to exceed for the pair 2200 grams for a size of 170 cm . The length is also chosen according to his size by avoiding exceeding a gap of + or - 5 cm.

The freeride skis are wider, the shoe is between 90 mm and more than 100 mm, they are also heavier and have an insert fastener. The length of the ski should be at your waist up to plus 10 cm. For powder snow, a soft ski is preferable. The stiffer ones are suitable for steep descents and couloirs.

Ski touring remains accessible to all, we offer you different ski touring packs to help you in your choice of equipment whether it be ski and binding packs or ski and sealskin packs. For those who prefer to choose their skis without having to choose bindings or who would like to reuse their old pair have the choice to choose their pair of nude ski touring among the best brands.

  • The bindings

Because of the diversity of sporting practices, several types of hiking bindings are proposed. Fastening is also an important criterion, with the most popular being insert fastening. They are lighter than plate bindings and require specific and adapted footwear.

  • The shoes

Faced with the multitude of choices available, a buyer may find it difficult to select the most interesting items. Indeed, each model has its own specificities. Many criteria, including weight, flex, and travel are to be considered before choosing a particular model. Alpinstore offers you the products of the biggest brands of equipment and accessories for this discipline such as scarpa's ultra-light shoes and many other brands such as Dynafit, La sportiva or Lange.

  • The sticks

For the practice to go perfectly well, it is necessary to have good ski poles. To avoid wasting too much space with very long poles, it is usually advisable to take with you two, three or even four-strand folding ski poles which offer considerable space savings. Moreover, be sure to choose the right length for your poles, if they are too short you will not be able to use them as an effective support and if they are too long they will disturb you in certain delicate passages.

  • The skins

First of all sealskin is intended for ski touring. Like your car tyres, they ensure the grip of your skis on the snow. It is an essential safety feature, as it prevents you from sliding backwards when you climb a slope. It has an anti-recoil effect that ensures your safety during your mountain outings. It's the one that allows you to reach your goal and reach the top without any problem, that's why it's necessary to choose it carefully.

A sealskin is made up of three elements: the weave, the fibre and the attachment system to keep it correctly in place under the ski touring. It is obviously the fibre surface that is in direct contact with the snow, while the weave ensures the connection with the ski sole, which contains silicone or glue, an indispensable adhesive element. The various manufacturers, such as Gecko, Pomoca or the Swiss brand Colltex market leader in sealskinsThe company offers different systems and skins: mohair, synthetic fibres or a combination of both. But the choice does not stop there, it would be too simple! Different fasteners are marketed: the self-adhesive fastener, the self-adhesive fastener with tensioner and the self-adhesive skin with tensioner and heel. There are also skins with glue or without glue.

  • The knives

An indispensable accessory for steep slopes and difficult terrain, there are different types of knives for ski touring. With a fixed or mobile hanger, in different widths, so you have to pay attention to the choice of your pair of knives when buying the pair of skis. The knives offer an additional binding on icy snow to reduce the risk of falling.

All these elements, which make up the ski touring, allow a different and freer practice of skiing. However, this practice out of the marked out areas and safe therefore involves risks that must be reduced to the maximum.

So for ski touring, freerideskiing and all other powder snow sports, you should consider bringing a DVA (avalanche victim detector), a shovel and a probe, because if you're buried, every minute counts. There are also airbags with inflatable avalanche balloon systems to prevent avalanche burial and thus increase your chances of survival.

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