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How to choose a gas cartridge?

The various gas cartridges available on the market are composed of isobutane, propane or butane, and each of these gases offers specific advantages. It's important to choose the gas cartridge that best suits your activity and your stove.

Isobutane is a high-calorific gas, which means it provides a large amount of heat during combustion. It also maintains constant pressure and performance up to temperatures of around 12°C.

Propane, on the other hand, is particularly suited to very cold conditions, and can be used at temperatures as low as -42°C. It also offers high pressure.

Butane is mainly used as a filling gas. It provides a good amount of heat at temperatures above 0.5°C. Although it can freeze below this temperature, it is often used in large quantities because of its low cost.

Jetboil's Optimus, MSR and Jetpower gas cartridges are compatible with all screw-system stoves. Optimus cartridges are mainly composed of butane and propane, offering a balanced mix for optimum performance even in bad weather. Jetboil cartridges contain mainly isobutane, with a small amount of propane and butane, making them suitable for use in extreme conditions. MSR cartridges also contain isobutane and propane.

We recommend using gas cartridges from the same brand as your stove, for optimum use and reliability.
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