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The splitboard is an essential piece of equipment for snowboarders who want to explore off-piste terrain and enjoy mountain climbs. Designed to split into two parts, the splitboard allows you to go up in ski touring mode and come down in snowboarding mode. Choosing the ideal splitboard depends on several criteria, such as construction, shape, size and specific features that suit your needs and riding style.

Types of Splitboards

Directional splitboards are designed for optimum downhill performance, with a longer tip and shorter tail for better flotation in powder and increased stability at high speeds. They're ideal for riders who prefer committed downhill runs and big mountain lines. Twin-tip splitboards, symmetrical front and rear, are perfect for those who like to do tricks and rotations, offering balanced switch performance. These boards are often used by freestylers and riders looking for versatility in all snow conditions.

Technical features to consider

When buying a splitboard, there are several technical features to consider to ensure optimum performance and maximum comfort in the mountains. Board construction is a key factor: the materials used influence the board's durability, weight and responsiveness. Wooden cores, often in poplar or paulownia, offer a good balance between lightness and robustness. Some models incorporate carbon fiber to improve responsiveness and reduce weight.

Board shape and profile are also crucial. Cambered profiles offer better grip and responsiveness, ideal for technical terrain and hard snow conditions. Rocker profiles, on the other hand, offer better flotation in powder and easier maneuverability, perfect for long runs in deep snow. Hybrid profiles combine the advantages of both for maximum versatility.

Binding systems and splitboard interfaces are essential elements to consider. Bindings must be easy to install and remove, offering rapid transition between up and downhill modes. Popular systems such as the Voile, Karakoram or Spark R&D offer reliable, high-performance solutions. Splitboard interfaces need to be robust and secure to ensure that both halves of the board remain securely attached during descents.

Size and fit

Splitboard size should be chosen according to your weight, height and riding style. A longer board offers better flotation in powder and greater stability at high speed, while a shorter board is more maneuverable and easier to control in varied conditions. In general, we recommend choosing a board size similar to that of your usual snowboard, taking into account the specific conditions in which you plan to ride.

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