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Choosing the right mittens for snowboarding

Ski and snowboard mittens are essential for ensuring warmth and protection during your mountain adventures. Unlike gloves, mittens keep the fingers together, increasing warmth by reducing the surface area exposed to the cold. Snowboard mittens must offer superior thermal insulation, maximum waterproofing and durability to withstand extreme mountain conditions. Materials such as Gore-Tex for waterproofing and Primaloft for insulation are often used to guarantee optimum performance.

Different types of snowboard mittens

There are several types of ski mittens to suit the different conditions and needs of snowboarders. Insulated mittens are ideal for very low temperatures, using materials such as Primaloft or merino wool to provide maximum warmth. Mittens with waterproof membranes, such as Gore-Tex, offer protection against moisture while being breathable to prevent perspiration from building up inside.

For snowboarders seeking a combination of warmth and dexterity, some mittens incorporate separate internal finger gloves, enabling better handling of equipment while maintaining the mittens' warmth. Mittens with leather or rubber reinforcements on the palms increase durability and abrasion resistance, which is crucial for tough mountain conditions. Specific models for women are also available, offering a more fitted cut and often aesthetic designs.

Buying criteria to consider

When purchasing ski or snowboard mittens, several criteria must be taken into account to guarantee optimum performance and comfort. Insulation is a key factor: mittens must be sufficiently insulated to maintain warmth even in the coldest conditions. Materials such as Primaloft and merino wool are excellent for this function. Waterproofing is also crucial to keep your hands dry. Mittens with waterproof membranes like Gore-Tex are recommended for protection against snow and moisture.

Durability and sturdiness are also important. Look for models with leather or synthetic reinforcements on the palms and fingers. These reinforcements extend the life of the mittens and provide a better grip. Cut and fit must be well considered: mittens that are too tight can restrict blood circulation and reduce warmth, while those that are too wide can result in a loss of dexterity and comfort.

Finally, additional features such as adjustable drawstrings, long cuffs to keep snow out, and hand-warmer pockets can enhance mittens' comfort and practicality. Removable linings can also be an advantage, allowing quick drying and adaptation to different weather conditions.

In summary, choosing the right ski or snowboard mittens involves considering several aspects such as insulation, waterproofing, durability and fit. By investing in quality mittens, you'll ensure effective protection against cold and damp, maximizing your comfort and performance on the slopes.

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