Single rope Edelrid Parrot 9,8mm (multicolor)

Brand: Edelrid

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Universal single rope Edelrid Parrot 9.8mm strong with a low ecological footprint. An innovative assembly technology allows us to use high quality residual yarns from our own production. Its properties and strength are identical to those of our other ropes. More details

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  • Spring

  • Mountaineering

  • Climbing

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Advantages :

  • Pleasant to handle thanks to the Thermo Shield treatment
  • Unique design
  • Excellent quality/price ratio
  • Immediately usable without twisting thanks to the skein coiling

Technical data :

  • Diameter [mm]: 9,80
  • dynamic elongation [%]: 32
  • impact force [kN]: 8,80
  • Core proportion [%]: 60,00
  • sheath proportion [%]: 40,00
  • weight per meter [g/m]: 62,00
  • Cutting length [cm]: 0,19
  • Static elongation [%]: 9,30
  • Drop factor: 7
  • CE mark: CE 0123
  • country of origin: Germany
  • single rope: yes
  • double rope: no

Label and Technology :

  • #ClimbGREEN: All particularly environmentally friendly products are labeled #ClimbGreen. They are made from sustainable materials or are extremely durable. During the manufacturing process, we ensure that working conditions are fair throughout the production chain.
  • single rope: Edelrid manufactures single ropes in diameters ranging from 8.9 mm to 10.5 mm. Their weight is 52 to 69 grams per meter. Single ropes with a thicker diameter are generally stronger and can withstand more falls. But thicker also means heavier. For heavy-duty use, such as working routes or climbing, there are heavy-duty single ropes with a higher sheath ratio.
  • Thermo Shield is the standard treatment we apply to all our ropes. The thermal stabilization process ensures that the core and sheath threads are perfectly balanced. A special heat treatment first relaxes and then shrinks the string fibers. This harmonizes the sliding characteristics of the threads within the rope and ensures that it remains compact and flexible throughout its life. It also ensures that the string does not shrink or become stiff.
  • 3D Lap Coil: In combination with the thoughtful design of the packaging that comes with each EDEL-RID rope, it's now super easy to instantly start your climb using your new rope: you don't need to do anything more than pull it! The marking on the rope and a detailed description on the packaging also ensures that you are doing things right and can use the full potential of the rope without twisting or tangling.


Expert advice

Eco-Friendly Selection

Durable universal rope with a low ecological footprint.

With the #ClimbGreen collection, Edelrid wants to prove that it is possible to apply sustainability with the utmost rigor to the field of PPE, without compromising safety or performance. All #ClimbGreen products follow the 3R rule: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Each product is therefore unique in its own way. Together, they form the essence of EDELRID's #ClimbGreen collection.
Wherever possible, Edelrid tries to avoid waste and residues in production. When this is not possible, the material is melted down or reused in other ways, for example in the form of carabiners, backpacks or belts.
bluesign® is the strictest environmental standard for textile manufacturing. It is an independent, internationally recognized standard based on five principles: resource productivity, air emission control, workplace safety, water protection and consumer protection. The "bluesign® product" label acts as a seal of quality: it guarantees a product that causes little pollution, is harmless to health and has been produced with respect for the environment. In this way, we meet a demand from our customers that seems almost self-evident: safe, sustainable products.

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