The brand Dynastar founded in Sallanches (74), takes place in 1963. Born from the collaboration between the Starflex and Dynamic skis, the name is as you could understand, the contraction of these two words. In 1966 it's Marielle Goitschel and Guy Perillat who offer the first three titles of World Champion and the first three silver medals with the Dynastar skis. More than 20 years later, in 1992 at the Olympic Games in Albertville, its success continuous because Dynastar was represented as the most awarded brand.

The brand Dynastar works and improves its development process through a team of athletes. This collaboration which operates from the idea, throughout the design cycle and up to the factory, makes the Dynastar skis, unique. In addition, technologies like Hybrid Core, 3D Profile or Powerdrive developed in the company, allow you skiers, to have awesome days on and/or off the slopes, which are more enjoyable than ever.

"More than 84% of testers approve Legend Series"

For this winter 2019/2020, Dynastar offers a new free/all mountain range which named "LEGEND". All equipped with Powerdrive and Active Aire Core technology, these models are flexible, precise, manageable and lightweight, whatever the terrain.

Legend W96

This Legend W96 ski with 96mm pad is the widest model in the women's range. Adapted to the women's morphology, this Dynastar freeride ski promises a lot of fluidity on all types of snow and terrain. Player under foot, it will delight women who like to have fun during each descent. It is also available in pack

Legend 88

This Legend 88 model from Dynastar is skiing everywhere. Its excellent track handling and incredible control ensure you have more beautiful days than ever before. Thanks to its size and shape, the Legend 88 ski is very agile and efficient whatever the terrain.

Legend 96

The Legend 96 is the ultimate freeride ski. Indeed, this model is as agile in powder as solid on the track. Powerdrive technology allows it to be as fluid as possible but still reactive and lively underfoot, whatever the terrain.

Legend x96

The legend x96 skis comes with a sober but stylish design. Regarding its behavior, this ski does not change compared to previous models: it keeps all the assets such as its versatility, efficiency off the slopes, as well as accessibility. This one is very dynamic under the foot and remains pleasant thanks to its rocker and its flex in spatula / heel.

Legend x84

The legend x84 is the freeride / all mountain ski will surprise you with its softness and fluidity. Suitable for good and very good skiers, the Legend x84 promises you days of pleasure and comfort in all snow. Its rocker spatula and heel allows better handling and excellent grip corner cut.