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Irreproachable on the quality of our sports equipment, we offer you the best range of backpacks for hiking and or trekking. With these models, you will be able to store your belongings in the different compartments of the bag and the bags are so comfortable that you will be able to travel for miles and miles without being hindered during your trek. Alpinstore tells you more about hiking and trekking but mainly about backpacks. We offer you a wide range of products.


Do you know what the difference between hiking and trekking is really?

Hiking it is a long walk, whether on foot, bicycle, skis ... while trekking is a hike in the high mountains. It should be noted that the word "trekking" is nowadays used for trips lasting several days, whatever the place.

Hiking and trekking are universal activities open to both women and men, requiring special equipment. This is why Alpinstore guides you in the choice of your hiking equipment, especially in the choice of hiking backpacks with the best Deuter trekking bags.


The hiking backpack is indeed, a decisive choice for your performance. Through its characteristics, this product will impact positively or negatively your hiking trip and that's why it is necessary to have a good backpack for your next outings. This model of product will carry all your equipment so make the right choice.

It is important to note that the backpack will contain all the things you want to take with you (food, clothes ...), whatever the course or the distance. These bags must therefore be able to hold everything you need for your hike, maximising comfort during your ride. This is why there are bags with different volumes of bedding. You will find women's backpacks and backpacks hiking manfor all tastes on Alpinstore. The choice is yours!

Depending on the bedding volume, storage options and carrying comfort, the hiking backpack can also be used for your travels. Thanks to their technical characteristics, they can be very practical for a backpack trip for example or to accompany you on a plane. The backpack is a versatile product model, which can be used in all situations.

Depending on your expectations, the backpack options are numerous :

- A bag with only one compartment to put all your stuff in.

- An elastic system on the front of the backpack to place your jackets for example

- A belt at the waist and/or at the chest for a better support of the bag

- Mesh pockets on each side of the backpack for your water bottles for example.

- Several inside/outside pockets for perfect organization of your bag

- Compartment compatible with a hydration system

- Pocket on the top of the backpack for your valuables

- Multiple systems on the front of the bag for hanging equipment

- Small volume variants such as Ortovox small hiking bags at very high capacity, according to your wishes

To suit everyone, Alpinstore offers hiking backpacks and trekking backpacks specially designed for women . With shoulder straps and a shorter back and a design developed for their morphology. Ladies you will be the happiest on the hike! Come and discover the women's hiking backpacks and Lowe Alpine trekking bags.

But that's not all since there is also hiking backpacks for children. Adjustable, versatile and extremely comfortable, they are now your little wolves who will be delighted to go hiking in the mountains with this type of product on their backs. Vaude bags are great for optimal storage.

Please note that for mountaineering or trekking excursions, it is better, and you will have understood this, to opt for a large capacity backpack with large bedding such as 40 litres, 50 litres, 60 litres to be able to put all the stuff/equipment/clothes you need... Be careful that this volume is well adapted to your morphology.


Your backpack must be adapted to your practice but also according to your needs:

- The volume of the backpack: it is obviously necessary to take into account the volume of your backpack (litres) but above all the way this volume is organized. Depending on your activity, all your equipment must be carried with you, so think of the Osprey large backpack! If you are a woman, choose a backpack adapted to your morphology, you will be much more comfortable.

- The organization of your bag: filling the bag is a key point. Depending on its shape and litres, the storage space will be different. When hiking, it is essential to have outside pockets so that objects are within easy reach. The flap pocket is also interesting because it allows you to store clothes very easily.

- Functionality of the backpack: look if the bag is equipped with interesting elements such as for example the adaptation of the carrying straps, a rain cover, carrying straps (belt, chest strap) ... Be careful that your backpack does not weigh too much.

- The carrying comfort of the bag: this point is unavoidable because it is this one which will make you spend pleasant moments. It is therefore important to ensure that your backpack is comfortable to carry, particularly with the presence of a chest strap, carrying belt, back support or adjustable straps. The weight of the bag is an unavoidable criterion, to be taken into account! You will therefore find the comfort of Lowe Alpine backpacks on our site.

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