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A waterproof bag for all your activities

Who hasn't needed a waterproof backpack or a waterproof pouch to be ready for all weather and all your activities? At Alpinstore we offer a range of waterproof backpacks in all sizes and for all budgets.

During your outdoor adventures, sometimes your schedule changes, you go canoeing, the weather changes and bad weather arrives and you find yourself without a solution to shelter your stuff and keep it dry so you can change. We give you several solutions to overcome this frequently encountered problem!

Waterproof backpacks are designed with a fiber that will not let water into your gear. You will be able to put your phone, papers, camera, charger and all your electronic equipment in these waterproof pouches . You'll have a choice of sizes and bedding so that each of your belongings will have its own bag like the different Sea To Summit Waterproof Bags . And for added convenience, they can be carried by hand, or even slung over the shoulder for larger models. Some waterproof bags have a window so you can see the contents before you open it. Some others have a clip system for opening the bag, which compresses the opening into a foldable closure to save space and make it watertight.

And if you already have your backpack but it's not waterproof and threatens your clothes with rain at any time, then you can opt for a waterproof rain cover with Deuter backpack accessories. This cover with elasticated edges fits all bags and allows your contents to stay dry despite heavy rain!

Nothing will get in your way to reach the summits!

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