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Backpack trekking/trekking

The backpack is a key element of your performance and will impact positively or negatively on your sports sessions. An excellent trekking/hiking backpack is a bag that comes with the following features:

- Large compartment to put all the necessary stuff

- Multiple pockets (valuables, water bottles, front pocket, side pockets ...)

- Chest and/or lap belts for a perfect support

- Compatibility with a hydration system for optimal comfort

- Material hooking system on the front for a perfect practicality

- A volume that suits your practice

Salewa, Lowe Alpine, Osprey and many other brands offer you a wide choice.

Climbing/Mountaineering Bag

Climbing, which requires specific equipment to guarantee your safety as well as your progression, requires an adapted backpack.

To begin with, it is essential to have a rope bag with you to protect your equipment. Indeed, it is designed to provide maximum volume with minimum bulk and will allow you to protect your ropes from dust, impacts related to transport but also to accommodate small equipment.

The climbing/mountaineering backpack must have specific characteristics since the constraints of the terrain are important. If you are looking for an excellent climbing or mountaineering bac kpack, choose the following characteristics:

- No side pockets

- An integral opening

- A narrow shape

- Ice axe holder

- A streamlined waist belt with hardware attachment systems

- A maximum volume of 35L

Trail running backpack

The practice of trail running, which means running on trails in a natural environment, requires like all other sports, equipment adapted to be as efficient as possible. Referred to by Kilian Jornet, François D'Haene and Xavier Thevenard, trail running is done in the mountains over long distances. To cover kilometres without stopping, the following options of the trail running backpack are indispensable:

- Compatible with a hydration system

- Spacious main compartment to store the clothes you need

- Stretchy side pockets to keep your water bottles close at hand

- Adjustable straps for a perfect fit on your back

- A small pocket on the waist belt for your snack.

Camelbak and Raidlight backpacks offer you a wide choice of products.

If you don't want to carry a backpack on your outing, opt instead for the hydration vest that can be offered by Ultimate Direction or Scott for example. Note also that there are trail belts that are very effective on the shortest distances. The brands listed above offer them.

Fashion & street bag

At Alpinstore, you have a wide selection of fashionable backpacks in all shapes and sizes: trendy, technical, handbag, shoulder strap, banana bag ... This accessory that allows you to be well organised on every outing must not only be practical but also offer a fashionable & street-friendly backpack.

The trendy and fashionable backpack can be presented with the following characteristics:

- Pocket designed for your laptop

- Multiple pockets to be as functional as possible

- Large main pocket for your essentials

The brands MeroMero, Dakine, Picture or Vans offer you a wide choice.

Technical backpacks like Lowe Alpine, Osprey, Vaude are presented with a ventilated back, comfortable straps and many pockets, to be as comfortable as possible, on your shoulders.

The handbag as presented at Roxy or Columbia assures you more pleasant moments than ever. The main compartment, which is often large, allows you to take everything you need with you.

The MeroMeroshoulder bag is ultra-functional. Easy to use and very practical, the ClemLéon model, which adapts to the stroller, will delight young mothers.

The shoulder bagand the banana bag allow you to carry the bare essentials with you while still allowing you incredible freedom of movement.

Children's backpack / baby carrier

If you like to go for walks with your child, opt for a backpack specially designed for them. This accessory often has an easy opening, a large compartment, outside pockets, chest or chest strap for better support and adjustable straps for optimal comfort.

The children's backpack which is present at Vaude, Lowe Alpine or Mammut is adapted to the size of your little one and ensures him incredible moments.

However, if your little one is still too small to carry a backpack or to accompany you on your walks, Alpinstore suggests you opt for a baby carrier. Ideal for the safety of your little adventurer, Osprey, for example, has a baby sling that has many advantages ... have a look at it.

Travel bag

Like any other activity, the trip requires adapted equipment. If you like to travel in a backpack, if you often go away for weekends, or if you simply need a backpack to store your belongings during the different transports, then Alpinstore offers you a wide choice of products.

The backpack or travel bag which comes in different shapes and sizes. The design of the bike - whether on wheels, in a Duffel or in a backpack - must be functional and enjoyable. Often presented with numerous pockets or an adjustable volume, the travel bag must assure you incredible moments.

Visit our brands such as Patagonia, The North Face or Halgofs to find the perfect travel bag.

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