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How to choose your climbing sling?

Many traditional climbers carry extra sections of webbing to make custom-length slings for extending or creating anchors. Webbing is generally available in bulk, spools or individual sections, and can be purchased by the meter.

What type of webbing?

There are two main categories of webbing used in climbing:

Tubular web bing is considered the standard in this field. Its tubular structure gives it greater strength and durability than a flat strap of the same width. What's more, its flexibility makes it easier to tie knots, while also making them stronger.

Flat straps, on the other hand, are generally used to replace backpack straps, make customized stirrups or tie down equipment.

Strap width

Tubular bulk straps are available in two different widths: 1 inch and 5/8 inch. Inch is the standard width used to manufacture anchors, while 5/8 inch is often used to create customized slings. Flat straps are available in various widths, the most common being 2" and 1".

Some specifications

Bulk tubular straps can be found with specifications suitable for climbing as well as military specifications. Climbing specifications are generally thicker, heavier and have a smoother surface. In contrast, military specifications are thinner, lighter and have a rougher surface texture. Both types of webbing are very strong, but the climbing webbing is slightly stronger and easier to tie, as well as holding knots better.


Only bulk straps are available in nylon. If you decide to make your own webbing, we recommend tying your nylon webbing with a water knot with long tails, at least 2 inches long.
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