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The O'Pilates studio team is taking the gamble this time to accompany you a little further in your discovery of the original Pilates method.

While practicing our favourite sport in the middle of nature, let's remember all the times we have raved about the beauty of a track that is devoid of any spatula marks or about this rock face that only we know... All those little details that make our sports appointments unique!

To illustrate today's video, let's make our own this quote from Leonardo da Vinci, the polymorphous artist for whom "details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail".

Today, Nicolas offers you a new video of a single Pilates exercise to integrate into your floor session: the "2 by 4", to be pronounced in English please, and with the accent "two by four"!

This exercise is to be performed between 3 and 5 times with precision, control, concentration and fluidity, the key words of the method, to obtain the "perfection" of the gesture.

We too, lovers of sports, nature and mountains, have a taste for beautiful ... movement.

This apparently simple exercise meets several objectives:

- to strengthen the lower limbs by insisting on the inner thighs and buttocks (deep muscles)...

- Engage the abdominal muscles with the work of the "lift" (see previous articles) in order to pull the centre of the body from the belly and waist upwards.

So, it's up to you to play and then ... let us know what you feel!


The O'Pilates Studio team remains available to set up Pilates classes with you via the ZOOM application: private or "small group" classes.

Do not hesitate to contact them :

Nicolas GONON

Instagram : nicolasgononpilatesforlife

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