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The hiking boot is a safety element in the mountains

Alpinstore offers you a large choice of hiking boots but if you are reading this text it is because you do not know which hiking boot to choose for your next expedition? Do not move, we tell you more ...

The practice of hiking requires a pair of shoes adapted to the terrain. Since you will be walking for a few minutes or several hours, it is important to take care of your feet. But how do you choose the right hiking shoe?

You should know that the pair of shoes you choose will depend first of all on your organization. What type of hiking will you do (duration, terrain, etc.)? In what season are you going to the mountains? If you have the answer to these questions, then it is easier to orient yourself.

Shoes for different practices :

  • Trekking shoes
  • Hiking shoes
  • Shoes for mountaineering

What are the main characteristics of a hiking boot?

To choose the right pair of hiking shoes, it is important to study the following criteria as they will help you in your search.

- The grip: this factor is essential on a shoe since it allows you to move on uneven ground for a better grip. The lugs ensure optimal comfort so no more panic when the ground is unstable.

- Support: The shoe must support your foot sufficiently to make you as comfortable and safe as possible. The better the shoe fits your foot, the more support you will have. Your performance and comfort will therefore be better. Go for the models Meindl hiking boots for a perfect fit!

- Stiffness: stiffness is a point not to be neglected because it means the type of hiking for which it was designed. The stiffer the shoe, the more it is made for long hikes where the terrain will often be unstable and rocky.

- Protection: It is important to have enough protection at the toe to ensure safety and comfort. The more robust the toe, the more your toes will be protected. Think about this before you set out on rocky trails! So, opt for the Italian footwear brand Scarpa.

What is a hiking boot made of?

A hiking boot comes with different technical characteristics, which are much more important than you think, in choosing your purchase:

- The outsole: this factor must be one of the most effective on your hiking boot. Indeed, this is where everything starts. The more the sole is adapted to your practice, the better your hikes will be.

- The tongue and lacing: these factors are essential for a good hike. The more precise the lacing system, the more enjoyable your hike will be. A well-maintained foot is synonymous with performance.

- Toe protection: As previously mentioned, toe protection is crucial for your mountain outings. It often happens that you get a stone or stumble on a branch ... so do not neglect this part of the shoe.

- The upper: This can be of different heights: low, medium or high. The high upper is the safest because it perfectly supports your ankle and covers your malleolus; the medium upper is the most versatile shoe shape because it supports your ankle and is lighter than the high upper; the low upper is, as you will have understood, the lightest and is the one that gives you incredible freedom of movement.

Shoes that adapt to all weather conditions

Manufacturers are developing waterproof and breathable membranes to wear your shoes in rainy weather conditions.

You'll find Gore Tex technology on Millet shoes and Sympatex on Vaude shoes.

Outdoor shoes to delight the whole family

Walking shoes for men and women, hiking shoes for children as well as for adventurers Kimberfeel's low-priced hiking boots for both men and women, hiking shoes for children and adventurers, there is a shoe for everyone!

Socks, an essential accessory for your comfort

Socks play an essential role for a comfortable hike. On the walking socks, there are supports and reinforcements to protect the heel and toes, limiting friction during your outings!

Alpinstore's advice for choosing your hiking boots

For more information, visit our blog post "How to choose your hiking boots.

Alpinstore has just told you everything about hiking boots so it's up to you now.

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