In 1969, Larry Penberthy, a Seattle engineer and lifelong mountaineer, founded Mountain Safety Research, a one-man crusade to improve the safety of climbing gear. The fuel behind Larry's passionate fire was a simple belief that still drives the MSR team today:

The idea that better, safer, more reliable gear is the key to having greater adventures.

From this idea came a pioneering outdoor company whose innovations have revolutionized the way people experience the outdoors around the world. Today, MSR has a tight-knit team that is still obsessed with designing the most reliable and highest performing equipment possible, using all of its engineering and scientific knowledge to find better solutions to the challenges of the mountains.

Today MSR offers a complete range of equipment for living and enjoying the outdoors. From the tent, to the stove, to the cooker, you will find what you need. Bivouacking, hiking with MSR equipment, is to ensure a good time.


How to choose your MSR hiking tent

Going on an adventure in the middle of the mountains is perfect to get a change of scenery and disconnect from your daily life. To spend a good night without having to carry it on your back during the day, you need a compact and light tent. We help you to choose your MSR hiking tent.

Hubba Hubba Nx 2P Ultralight Backpacking Tent


The Hubba Hubba is by far the best-selling tent from MSR, combining portability and comfort to perfection. It is indeed a versatile tent, with it you can practice all your favorite activities in the mountains.

Its main use: Versatility

The plus of this tent: comfortable interior volume in both height and width, while remaining ultra-light.

Key features:
  • Weight: 1.60 kg
  • Floor size : 213 x 127 cm
  • Volume: 1217 L
  • Packing size: 46 x 15 cm
  • Vestibule volume: 481 L
  • Floor mat: 30D ripstop nylon 3000mm DuraShield polyurethane & DWR
  • Outer fabric: 20D ripstop nylon

Freelite 2 Easy Carry Backpacking Tent

Freelite 2 MSR

The Freelite 2 tent keeps your backpack light when you need to carry a lot of gear. It is semi-self-supporting and offers enough space to sleep peacefully after a long day of hiking.

Its main use: Adventure in ultralight mode and multi-sport outings

The plus of this tent: mosquito net inner fabric for minimal weight.

Key features :

  • Weight: 1.14 kg
  • Number of doors : 2
  • Tent volume: 850L
  • Vestibule volume: 410L
  • Floor size: 213 x 127 cm
  • Ground sheet: 15D ripstop nylon 1200mm Xtreme Shield™ polyurethane & DWR
  • Outer fabric: 15D Nylon Ripstop 1200mm Xtreme Shield™ polyurethane & silicone

Elixir 2 Heavy Duty Camping Tent
elixir 2 msr

The toughest of the MSR 3-season tents, the Elixir 2 tent offers generous living space and preserves privacy.

Its main use: family camping with the car and comfort camping, small hiking trips.

The plus of this tent: resistant fabric for a long life.

Key features :

  • Weight: 2.24 kg
  • Floor dimensions in cm: 213 x 127 cm*.
  • Ground sheet : 70 taffeta nylon 3000mm polyurethane & DWR
  • Inner fabric: Nylon ripstop 40D DWR
  • Outer fabric: Polyester 68D ripstop 1500mm Polyurethane & DWR
  • Packing size: 51 x 17 cm


High mountain tent Remote 2

remote 2

The Remote tent is designed to protect climbers from severe high altitude storms. It is ideal for high mountain expeditions.

Its main use: expeditions in extreme environments

The plus of this tent: large vestibule with arch to store mountain equipment. 4 seasons tent.

Key features :

  • Weight: 3.02kg
  • Packed size: 51x17cm
  • Number of openings: 2
  • Tent volume: 2108L
  • Vestibule volume: 1104L
  • Ground sheet: 40D ripstop nylon 10,000mm Durashield™ polyurethane & DWR
  • Outer fabric: 40D ripstop nylon DWR

Access 2 Ski Touring Tent

access 2 msr

MSR's Access 2 tent is designed for winter touring. It is warmer and more robust than a 3 season tent, while remaining light for ski touring.

Its main use: ski touring, splitboard and snowshoes

The plus of this tent: Warm for winter, without the weight.

Key features :

  • Weight: 1.64 kg
  • Floor size: 213x127 cm