Thanks to years of innovation, Gerber tools are now used all over the world. Recognized as a master cutter, the brand's tools are designed to solve any problem, to meet every possible need. Nowadays, it is impossible not to consider that Gerber offers much more than just a knife. All products are designed and created in Portland, USA. No matter what, every Gerber product is known for its quality, reliability and innovation. This knowledge has lasted for 80 years now and allows us to offer a large collection of time-saving and life-saving products.
In order to make you discover the brand even more, we decided to focus today on the dual purpose machete: Gerber Gator®.

What is the Gerber Gator® Machete used for?

This dual purpose machete has two functions: chopping and sawing. It features blades made of high carbon stainless steel with a smooth, sharp side and a sawing side. The handle is made of fiberglass and textured polymer. No matter what you want to do with it, it is certain that the lightness and good support of this product will allow you to do this task safely.

For all cutting styles:

Whether you're looking for a multipurpose machete, a classic machete, or a compact machete, Gerber's Gator® machete line will meet your every need.
  • The Gator® Bolo, a traditional jungle tool made for modern uses, and based on a classic shape used for generations in the Philippines to clear vegetation, cut food and wood. Gerber's version includes an ergonomic handle, a firm grip that won't slip, and an ultra-strong full tang construction. Half axe, half brushcutter.
  • The Gator is a multi-functional tool with several types of cuts. On one side, a 38cm smooth blade and on the other, a 45cm serrated blade. Forged with high carbon stainless steel, it is made for all outdoor activities and the most remote environments. It also features the Gator® grip to ensure a firm and secure hold. Half saw, half machete.
  • The Gator Jr, built the same way as its big sister, keeps the same two types of cuts thanks to its two smooth and serrated blades. Designed in a more packable version (25cm blade, 421 grams), it is perfect for backcountry hiking.
Gator® Bolo Gator Gator Jr

What makes the GATOR® machete different from other machetes?

If you still think that all knife or machete handles are the same, we invite you to test them outdoors, in the rain or in extreme cold. For impeccable cuts, and above all in complete safety, the Gator® grip, created and designed by Geber, will offer you all the necessary guarantees. Made of fiberglass-reinforced nylon with a softer rubber surface, with the look and feel of alligator skin. This ensures a firm grip and optimal control. No matter what the weather, this machete will not slip out of your hands.

The Gerber story began in 1910, when the Gerber family opened an advertising agency in Portland, Oregon. During his career with the family agency, Joseph Gerber decided to send 24 sets of kitchen knives to his clients during the vacations. These handmade knives became extremely popular. Abercrombie & Fitch, Gerber's customer, was so excited that they decided to include them in their catalog in 1939. That same year, Gerber Legendary Blades were born.

The differences between the Gator® Bolo, Gator and Gator Jr:

Gator® Bolo Gator® Bolo Gator® Jr
- Used for hunting and cutting
- Sharp blade
- Overall length: 52 cm
- Blade length: 39.4 cm
- Handle length: 17.5 cm
- Weight: 590 g
- Steel blade 1055
- Used for chopping and sawing
- Double blade: smooth and sharp vs. saw
- Total length: 65 cm
- Blade length: smooth and sharp side 48 cm and saw 38 cm
- Handle length: 19 cm
- Weight: 510 g
- High carbon stainless steel blade
- Used for chopping and sawing
- Double blade: smooth and sharp side vs. saw
- Total length: 48 cm
- Blade length: smooth and sharp side 29 cm then saw
- Weight: 405 g
- High carbon steel blade

The advantages remain the same from one model to another: Lightness, durability and good hold. In addition, all blades are made of high carbon steel.

The American brand is deeply rooted in hunters, special forces, traders and adventurers. Each product is designed to allow people to live and survive in total autonomy. Even if the products are initially intended for the practice of survivalism, they can be used as well for a daily use.

The Gerber brand is unstoppable and offers quality and reliable tools like the Gator® machetes. These dual-purpose machetes offer unparalleled performance for slicing and sawing to your heart's content.