We present you with the two big news at Arva. In terms of mountain safety, Arva is the reference brand and offers you a new dva, the Neo Pro and an airbag jacket, the Reactor Vest. We tell you more about these two new products.

 neo pro arva

The NEO PRO is ARVA’s new high-end transceiver. This device includes all the essential “expert” features for professional rescuers, such as an analog mode, a standby mode, and a SCROLLING function that allows you to target a specific victim during a search. The setup menu is easy to use, simply press on the “+” and “-“ buttons to customize the device settings. The NEO PRO comes with a soft holster to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes.

neo pro arva

The functions of the new AVD Neo Pro Arva :

  • 70M de largeur de bande de recherche : The search strip width corresponds to the area “scanned” by the searching device. The larger the search strip width, the greater the area covered by the device. This criterion is often used to compare beacon performance.
  • GROUP CHECK : The group-check function allows you to easily verify if each member of your group has its beacon in transmit mode. The group-check function enables the device to conduct a fine search, allowing you to individually check the members of your group at a one-meter distance.
  • MARKING FUNCTION: Once a victim is found, the mark function allows you to ignore their signal to focus on searching for other victims. The “marked” victim’s signal is no longer indicated during the rest of the search.
  • REVERT-TO-TRANSMIT: During a search, in the event of a secondary avalanche, the revert-totransmit function allows the device to automatically switch back to transmit mode. This switch is activated either by a timer after a certain period of time of user inactivity, or by a motion detector after a certain amount of time where the device has not moved. Configure these timeframes in your beacon’s settings menu.
  • INTERFERENCE MANAGEMENT : Interference management maximizes the device’s performance in search mode in an environment “overrun” by electromagnetic interference. To accomplish this, the device in search mode automatically reduces the bandwidth and ignores all other frequencies to focus solely on the beacon being tracked. This function can be deactivated by the user.
  • STANDBY MODE: L’appareil en mode standby n’est ni en recherche, ni en émission. Cette fonction est destinée à travailler sur l’avalanche sans perturber les recherches avec les ondes de l’appareil. En cas de suravalanche, la fonction retour en émission remet automatiquement l’appareil en mode émission. Le mode analogique permet de profiter pleinement de la portée maximale de l'antenne principale.
  • SCROLLING FUNCTION: Victim selection allows you to more efficiently organize rescue operations by selecting a specific victim to track and dividing search responsibilities between rescuers. Although the victim’s identity is not displayed, a list of victims is generated in order of proximity, allowing you to select a victim based on their distance from you.
  • 3 antennas to improve chances of finding a signal and for greater precision during the fine search.
  • U-TURN ALARM lets the rescuer know they are heading in the wrong direction.
  • Analog mode to take full advantage of the main antenna’s maximum range
  • Digital signal processing guides rescuer more efficiently towards the burial zone.
  • Auto-test lets the device run a diagnostic to verify that all main functionalities are working properly.
  • Backlit screen provides great contrast in any conditions or lighting.
  • Weight: 240g

In comparison :

comparatif dva arva


reactor vest arva

Arva strive to design gear that suits the way you move through the mountains, and if you use a snowmobile, helicopter, or ski lifts to access untracked backcountry or sidecountry terrain, then the REACTOR 15 VEST is definitely made for you. The R15 VEST takes avalanche airbag backpack comfort to a whole new level. Offering a fantastic fit for all body shapes and sizes through a variety of adjustments, the amazingly stable R15 VEST will leave you speechless the first time you use it. With all of the space you need to stow your snow safety gear on your back, the front pockets provide quick and easy access to your tools and any other useful gear.

A second skin

Comfort was number one priority. The R15 VEST comes in two sizes and adjusts to all body shapes and builds using the TAILOR-FIT shoulder straps and adjustable elastic side straps. With the heat-formable back panel and the well-distributed load across your upper body, your shoulders move freely and it feels like you are not carrying anything on your back.

Unparalleled stability

We focused all of our efforts on carrying comfort and stability. This is why we completely redesigned the airbags, to bring the R15 VEST’s center of gravity as close to your back as possible. Nothing will be able to throw you off balance.

Easy-access pockets

Quick access to most of your tools and gear without having to take off your pack will quickly become a habit. The front of the R15 Vest is designed with 4 high-volume pockets as well as 2 large thin pockets, one on each side of the zipper, making it easy to grab any stowed gear or other essentials.

Carry straps

The vest is equipped with versatile multi-purpose carry straps for carrying skis diagonally or a snowboard. You can also attach the ARVA helmet holder (sold separately).

MOLLE system compatibility

For even greater modularity, we have designed the shoulder straps on our vest with strap loops that meet MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Loadcarrying Equipment) standards. You can easily clip a radio or a wide variety of third-party accessories that comply with this standard.

Trigger handle pouch

To make sure that your airbag does not deploy unintentionally when maneuvering far from avalanche prone slopes, the trigger handle can now be stowed in its own dedicated pouch.

arva reactor vest

Reactor Vest technical information :

  • Capacity: 15L divided between 3 compartments and 6 front pockets.
  • Equipped with the ARVA REACTOR airbag system.
  • Integrated waist belt and leg safety loop.
  • Carry options skis (A-frame or diagonal), a snowboard, snowshoes, or two ice axes.
  • Compatible with the ARVA helmet holder.
  • Snow-safety gear attachment system.
  • Designed with 4 strap loops to clip a wide variety of accessories and tools.
  • TAILOR-FIT shoulder straps.
  • Elastic side adjustment straps.
  • Thermoformed back panel, 48cm long.
  • Sternum strap includes an emergency whistle.
  • COMPOSITION Made with tough and highly durable KODRA N500D and ROBIC P100D.
  • Reinforced front panel.
  • TUV GS certified.
  • Complies with EN16716 standards