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La Sportiva is a company founded in 1928 by Tesero shoemaker Narciso Delladio and based in the Italian valley Val Di Fiemme in the Dolomites in Italy. Specializing in the production of climbing boots and high mountain boots, the company has diversified into the field of ski mountaineering boots and also into summer/winter textile thanks to the expertise acquired by the brand. La Sportiva now distributes in more than 70 countries around the world.

Already more than 90 years that La Sportiva has been working in the Dolomites region, an environment listed as a World Heritage Site, this location has pushed the brand to develop its social and environmental commitments.

Usine La Sportiva - Dolomites

La Sportiva develops its commitment with objectives for sustainable development :

Economie Ciruclaire La Sportiva La Sportiva is developing a circular economy regarding the recycling and reuse of materials in the manufacture of their products. It wishes to raise awareness and encourage consumers to reuse products by offering a product repair service to extend the life of the product.
Innovation - La Sportiva The brand is constantly innovating in the design of its products to offer more technical and partially patented products on the market. Innovation also goes into the manufacturing of the products thanks to a new factory.
Qualité de vie au travail - La Sportiva La Sportiva Quality of life at work is a central theme for the company. La Sportiva is committed to prevention and health protection and to improving safety in the workplace.
Climat - La Sportiva An objective concerning climate protection, through the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, an optimization of the production chain on its environmental impact. In fact, the brand is developing the reuse of its waste to reduce emissions in the production chain.
Energie propre - La Sportiva La Sportiva is committed to increasing energy supply from renewable resources and improving energy performance. For example, one of the main projects is the construction of a heating plant for the new production thanks to the collaboration Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme.

Economie locale

partenaire local - la sportiva

The company has been operating in northern Italy for over 90 years, so the brand creates jobs while participating in the economic growth of the valley with the recruitment and selection of local suppliers.

In 2018, it is :
- 2,200,000 products manufactured
- 297,000 litres of water saved in the manufacture of products
- 11,000 Kilos of rubber recycled in production

For Your Mountain « The mission to produce boots, shoes and sportswear allows us to remain true to the values of a family business with almost a century of history and it is a daily challenge. Our guide is passion and our passion is the mountains: respecting the environment in which we operate is the basis of our business, this is what we want to transmit to consumers through our products. This is what we mean by  « For Your Mountain » »

The launch of the eco program in 2017

The famous Mythos climbing shoe is made of 95% recycled materials to reduce environmental impact.

mythos chausson escalade

Since 2012, the company has also embarked on a path to eliminate all PFCs (perfluorocarbons) from its clothing. PFCs are a chemical treatment that makes trousers, jackets and bags water-repellent. These PFCs are harmful to the health of humans and our planet. That same year, La Sportiva joined the BlueSign® label, this international standard certifies products from the textile production chain according to socio-environmental criteria approved by Bluesign®.


In 2018, more than half of the clothing range will be Bluesign certified.
With Mythos Eco, La Sportiva won the sustainability award at the Monaco Outdoor show for its commitment to creating products with a low environmental impact (no tanned metal, biodegradable leather, water-based adhesives, rubber outsole in the first second). It was followed by the Cobra ECO climbing shoe: a model made of 85% ecological materials.

Finally, the brand has recently joined 1% for the Planet, as a final step towards product sustainability. Reduce Reuse and Recycle.

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