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Skating bindings

  • Skating bindings with Turnamic system

Present on the market since winter 2017/2018, this fastening system has been developed by Rossignol brands and Fischer. These two major Nordic ski brands have created a system in total adequacy with the typology of their skis. Meeting IFP assembly standards, Turnamic bindings are exclusively compatible with the plates fixed on Rossignol and Fischer skis. The screwless mounting allows the position of the skating binding to be adapted to the conditions. But don't panic the binding has two guide rails compatible with the NNN and Prolink standards.

Standard: Turnamic
Mounting: IFP plate exclusively (without tools)
Boot compatibility: Turnamic, NNN and Prolink

  • Skating bindings with NNN system

This system equipped a large number of skis before the Turnamic standard was introduced. Today we find it mainly on Madshus skis. Mounted on rails, the bindings, which can be manipulated with a wrench, are easy to attach and their position can be adjusted according to snow conditions. The plate can be fitted with a screw-on binding. This system is compatible with the NNN, Turnamic and Prolink standards

Standard: NNN
Mounting: NIS plate exclusively (with a key)
Shoe compatibility: NNN, Turnamic and Prolink.

  • Skating bindings with Prolink system

The Prolink system appeared on the market in the winter of 2016/2017. With its double-rail guidance system, it is compatible with the NNN and Turnamic standards. Thanks to this standard, you can now combine a Salomon boot with an NNN or Turnamic binding without having to drill the ski. The Prolink bindings (Salomon and Atomic) are to be screwed on. However, to mount them, no more need to drill because since the 2017 season, the skis are pre-drilled.

Standard: Prolink
Boot compatibility: Prolink, NNN and Turnamic

  • Skating bindings with the SNS Pilot system

Unveiled for the Nagano Olympic Games in 1998, the SNS Pilot system is the oldest fastening standard still on the market. Salomon is the only brand to still use this system, which has the particularity of having a second hook inserted into the sole of Pilot shoes and a single guide rail. There is no compatibility with other current standards. This type of binding is mounted with screws on the skis. However, it is possible to mount on skis with an NIS plate.

Standard: SNS Pilot
Boot compatibility: SNS Pilot Exclusively

Classic cross-country ski binding

In classic cross-country skiing, the foot unwinds and works on the axis. The boot + binding system must therefore allow a certain flexibility. The range of bindings for classic Nordic skiing extends from the high-performance carbon model designed to promote energy transfer and precision to the beginner's model for comfort and safety. Define your needs and motivations and get advice to choose the Nordic ski binding adapted to your practice.

It is important to choose the right footwear for the type of fastening used, which is why we offer the following services Fischer cross-country ski boots in all declinations.

Better understand the standards!

  • The SNS standard

It is the oldest, it benefits from a system that allows the foot to be brought back under the shoe more quickly. This system was developed by the Salomon brand. Unlike the NNN standard, the binding has only a central rail to control the ski. It is suitable for boots that have a metal bar that is inserted into the binding. These bindings are not compatible with the NNN system. This is the recommended standard if you have difficulty bringing your feet below the center of gravity. The system is perfect for beginners, as it offers quite exceptional guiding performance, which gives them a greater sense of security.

  • The NNN standard

Mounting: NIS plate only (with key)
Shoe compatibility: NNN, Turnamic and Prolink.

It is distributed in different forms: manual, auto and magnum.

  • The manual binding which, as its name indicates, closes manually. The width of the plate that is under the foot is 56 mm.
  • The auto binding has an automatic footbinding or release. and therefore faster and simpler. It has the same plate width as the manual one.
  • The NNN standard Magnum has a manual closure and the width of the plate is 67 mm. The NNN BC standard is not compatible with any SNS system.

Different manufacturers distribute it. They are reliable and light, which are their two essential qualities. They are the perfect alternative cross-country ski bindings because they are wider and stronger. These ski skating b indings are guided by two grooves, which improves the control of the ski on slopes and downhill.

What about the Turnamic binding?

Turnamic bindings are revolutionary. It's an innovation that has four specific qualities: compatibility: it is adaptable to NNN standards and, as far as boots are concerned, to Prolink and NNN standards. Its ease of use is also remarkable. Thanks to its rotation system, getting your shoes in and out is child's play, even in the coldest weather. They slide easily onto the plate thanks to a double-locking clip. It is customizable, meaning that you can easily adjust the various parameters quickly and without using tools.

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