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Types of Canyoning Helmets

Canyoning helmets are essential for protecting the head against impact and falling debris in difficult and often wet environments. They come in three main types: rigid helmets, hybrid helmets and lightweight helmets. Rigid helmets, made from materials such as polycarbonate, offer maximum impact protection, although they can be heavier. Hybrid helmets combine a hard outer shell with a foam inner lining for an optimum balance between protection and comfort. Lightweight helmets, often in high-density foam, offer good protection while minimizing weight, ideal for long rides.

Canyoning helmet selection criteria

To choose the right canyoning helmet, several criteria must be taken into account to guarantee safety and comfort. The robustness of the material is essential: the helmet must be able to withstand violent impacts as well as abrasion caused by rocks. Helmets with polycarbonate or ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) shells are particularly recommended for their durability. Comfort is also crucial: the helmet must fit snugly on the head without pressure points, with easy-to-use adjustment systems, even with wet hands or gloves. Air vents are important to prevent overheating and ensure good air circulation. Canyoning helmets must also be water-resistant and well-drained to prevent water build-up. Some models feature removable, washable liners for improved hygiene.

Practice level and environment

The choice of a canyoning helmet also depends on your level of practice and the environment in which you evolve. For beginners, a sturdy, well-fitting helmet offering basic protection and good comfort is sufficient for first descents. Intermediate practitioners will benefit from hybrid helmets offering a good compromise between protection, comfort and lightness for regular use. Expert canyoneers, who frequent technical and demanding canyons, require high-performance helmets with multiple adjustment systems, good ventilation and high-quality materials for maximum protection. Environmental conditions also play an important role: for cold or very wet canyons, opt for helmets with thermal liners and efficient drainage systems. On the other hand, for warm, dry canyons, ventilation and lightness are the main criteria.

Whatever your level of practice, a good canyoning helmet should combine robustness, comfort and functionality to ensure a safe and enjoyable canyoning experience, whatever the conditions encountered.

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