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Types of Canyoning Bags

Canyoning bags are specially designed to withstand the rigors of canyoning, including water immersion, abrasion and the transport of heavy equipment. There are three main types of canyoning bags: day bags, technical bags and emergency bags. Day packs, often of medium capacity (20-30 liters), are ideal for short outings and less technical canyons. Technical bags, with a larger capacity (30-45 liters), are designed to carry all the equipment needed for longer, more difficult canyons. The smaller rescue bags are designed to carry safety and first-aid equipment.

Canyoning Bag Selection Criteria

To choose the right canyoning bag, several criteria must be taken into account to guarantee comfort, durability and functionality. Bag capacity is essential: for day trips, a 20-30 liter bag is generally sufficient, while for longer or more technical expeditions, a 30-45 liter bag is recommended. Materials should be sturdy and water-resistant, such as PVC or coated nylon, to guarantee durability and protection against moisture. The bag should be equipped with numerous vents to allow water to evacuate quickly. Reinforced seams and sturdy fasteners are crucial to the bag's longevity. Comfort is also an important criterion: shoulder straps should be padded and adjustable, and the bag should have a hip belt to distribute weight evenly. Exterior and interior pockets, as well as specific attachments for equipment (such as ropes and carabiners), are additional assets for optimal organization.

Practice level and environment

The choice of a canyoning bag also depends on your level of practice and the specific conditions of the canyons you visit. For beginners, a daypack with average capacity and basic features (water resistance, comfort) may suffice for first adventures. Intermediate practitioners will benefit from technical packs offering greater capacity, sturdier materials and advanced features such as specialized pockets and effective vents. Expert canyoneers, who engage in long, technical descents, require high-performance bags with large capacity, ultra-resistant materials and multiple options for organizing and securing gear. Environmental conditions also play an important role: for very wet canyons or canyons with many water passages, you'll need packs with excellent water evacuation and optimal waterproofing. On the other hand, for dry, rocky canyons, durability and abrasion resistance will be the main criteria.

Whatever your level of practice, a good canyoning bag should combine sturdiness, comfort and functionality to ensure a pleasant and safe canyoning experience, whatever the conditions encountered.

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