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Choosing the right equipment for canyoning

Canyoning is a demanding outdoor activity that combines hiking, climbing and abseiling in aquatic environments. To practice this discipline safely and comfortably, it's crucial to choose the right equipment. Canyoning equipment must be robust, water-resistant and offer adequate protection against the elements. The choice of equipment is based on essential criteria such as durability, safety and comfort, adapted to the specific conditions of each canyon.

Wetsuits and vests

Neoprene wetsuits are essential for canyoning. They provide essential thermal insulation in cold water environments. Integral 5 mm neoprene wetsuits are widely used for their ability to retain body heat while offering great flexibility. Floatation jackets are also recommended, especially for canyons with swimming sections. They provide extra buoyancy and increase safety.

Harnesses and helmets

Canyoning harnesses are designed to withstand the specific stresses of canyoning. It must be fitted with reinforced attachment points and abrasion protection to resist rubbing against rocks. Harnesses often feature adjustable buckles for optimum comfort and safety. Helmets are essential to protect the head from falling rocks and impacts against rock faces. They must be sturdy, adjustable and well-ventilated for maximum comfort throughout the activity.

Ropes and Descenders

Canyoning ropes are made of specific materials to offer high resistance to water and abrasion. They must be dynamic or semi-static to absorb the shock of abseiling. Descenders are mechanical devices that control descent along the rope. They must be easy to use, even with wet hands, and offer excellent heat dissipation to prevent rope burns.

Waterproof bags and canisters

Canyoning bags are designed to carry personal equipment while offering maximum resistance to water. They feature drainage systems for rapid water evacuation and adjustable straps for comfortable carrying. Watertight canisters are used to protect water-sensitive items such as telephones, maps and spare clothing. They must be sturdy, perfectly watertight and easy to carry.

Shoes and accessories

Canyoning shoes are specially designed to provide optimum grip on wet and slippery surfaces. They should be sturdy, well-fitting and equipped with non-slip soles. Protective gloves are also recommended to protect hands during abseiling and technical passages. Additional accessories, such as safety carabiners, ropes and rescue knives, are essential to ensure safety and efficient equipment management during the activity.

In summary, the choice of canyoning equipment must be made with care, taking into account safety, comfort and durability. Each piece of equipment plays a crucial role in ensuring a safe and enjoyable canyoning experience.

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