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Types of Canyoning Harnesses

Canyoning harnesses are designed for safety, comfort and durability in demanding environments. There are two main types: climbing harnesses suitable for canyoning and harnesses specifically designed for canyoning. Climbing harnesses, although versatile, may lack certain canyoning-specific features, such as abrasion protection and reinforced seats. Canyoning harnesses, on the other hand, are designed to resist water and abrasion, with sturdy materials and specific buttock protectors to glide over rocks and ensure long life.

Canyoning harness selection criteria

To choose the right canyoning harness, several criteria need to be taken into account to guarantee safety and comfort. The first criterion is sturdiness of materials: a canyoning harness must be made of abrasion- and element-resistant fabrics, such as reinforced nylon, to withstand the harsh conditions of canyoning. Removable or integrated buttock protectors are essential to prevent premature wear and tear caused by slipping on rocks. Comfort is also crucial: straps must be wide and padded to distribute pressure and avoid painful compression points. A good adjustment system is essential for a precise and secure fit. Attachment points and buckles must be sturdy and easy to handle, even with wet hands or gloves. Finally, reinforced and well-positioned gear loops are important for carrying necessary equipment such as descenders, carabiners and other safety accessories.

Practice level and environment

The choice of a canyoning harness also depends on your level of practice and the specific conditions of the canyons you visit. For beginners, a canyoning harness with basic protection and good general comfort is sufficient for initial experience. Intermediate practitioners will benefit from harnesses offering finer adjustments and sturdier materials for regular use. Expert canyoneers, who frequent technical and demanding canyons, require high-performance harnesses with multiple attachment points, reinforced protection and numerous gear loops for optimal equipment management. Environmental conditions also play an important role: for cold or aquatic canyons, choose harnesses that dry quickly and retain their flexibility even when wet. On the other hand, for dry and abrasive canyons, the durability of materials will be the main criterion.

Whatever your level of practice, a good canyoning harness should combine safety, comfort and functionality to ensure a pleasant, risk-free canyoning experience.

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