How to choose your après-ski shoes ?

Winter is coming... Winter is almost here and the bad weather that goes with it! Snow, rain, cold, you will have to face these elements, some of you more than others. For that, you need good winter shoes: warm, waterproof and comfortable to enjoy the snow while staying warm and dry.

Choosing the right snow boots is essential to have a good time after skiing without getting cold feet! The first characteristics to look at are the following:

- Insulation of the boot
- Waterproofing that passes both through the design with waterproof materials and also via waterproof treatments
- Comfort
- Maximum temperatures if you go to so-called "glacial" countries

We've put together our Top 5 women's and men's après-ski boots 2022.

TOP 5 best après-ski boots for women


1 Sorel - Caribou après-ski boots

We don't need to introduce them anymore, the Caribou boots from Sorel

, it's the brand's iconic shoe that has proven itself for the time they warm and keep our feet dry in winter. Very used by the people working at the ski lifts of the ski areas. With the Caribou from Sorel, warmth and protection are guaranteed. These après-skis are available in several colors to please the greatest number of people.

caribou femme sorel

Its price: 169,90

2 Kimberfeel - Beverly winter boots

Kimberfeel's Beverly

apres-ski boots are designed with a high shaft that brings warmth and comfort on winter days. Equipped with the Kimbertex membrane, a waterproof membrane designed by the brand, allows you to stay dry. You'll love having these boots on your feet. With a good quality/price ratio, you will know what to wear as soon as it snows in your city!

The Beverly comes in many colors for your pleasure!

beverly kimberfeel

Its price: 119,90

3 UGG- the Adirondack Boot III après-ski shoes

Completely stuffed in wool, the Adirondack Boot III winter boots from UGG are perfect to keep your feet warm while staying super stylish! They are suitable for temperatures down to -32°C, with a waterproof leather that allows you to stay dry during your walks after skiing.

ugg adirondack II

Its price: 269,90€

4 Kamik - the Alborg boots

Kamik 'sAlborg après-ski bootshave a similar look to the Caribou from Sorel. You can reach temperatures of up to -50°C and still be comfortable with these winter boots. Don't be afraid to go out on a cold day with these boots you are sure to keep your feet warm and dry thanks to its waterproof rubber coating. Plus, they have a removable liner that allows them to dry even faster and be ready for another day in the snow, day after day.

Kamik alborg

Its price: 139€.

5 Baffin- Chloé winter boots

Functional, comfortable and warm, the Chloé après-ski boots from Baffin are perfect for going out on snowy days. Stay warm and dry in temperatures down to -40°C, you can go to Laponi or Canada without worries with these boots, they are waterproof thanks to its shell and rubber sole.

bottes hiver baffin chloé

Its price: 199,96€.

TOP 5 best winter boots for men

1 Meindl - Solden winter boots

Meindl 's Solden

après-ski boots bring you warmth and insulation down to -25°C. They are waterproof and robust to accompany you in your outings this winter. With a grippy sole, you can walk in the snow or on muddy paths without getting your feet wet!

solden meindl

Its price: 139,00€.

2 Baffin- Canada boots

As its name indicates, the Canada winter boots from Baffin

allow you to go to Canada while ensuring you stay warm and dry during your outings on freezing days. Indeed, these shoes have been tested in the coldest climates in the world. They also feature a waterproof B-tek™Dry base, a technology that provides maximum waterproofing while promoting thermal regulation where breathability is needed.

bottes hiver canada baffin

Its price: 199,96€

3 Sorel - Caribou après-ski

The men's version is exactly the same as the women's version. They are one of the best après-ski boots with warmth, waterproofing and resistance that need no introduction. The Sorel Caribou

boots for men will be your best ally to face the cold winter.

caribou homme sorel

Its price:169,90

4 Kamik - Nation Plus winter boots

Sturdy, warm and waterproof, the Nation Plus après-ski boots from Kamik are ideal for keeping you warm and dry in temperatures down to -40°C. This pair of boots has a deep, self-cleaning cleat sole to prevent slipping when out in the snow.

bottes hiver kamik nation plus

Its price: 119€.

5 Helly Hansen - Garibaldi après-ski shoes

Stay warm with the Garibaldi après-skis from Helly Hansen

! A mix of style, comfort, protection and warmth, you'll love wearing these shoes with waterproof leather, waterproof seams and a sole that guarantees grip on snow and ice.

helly hansen garibaldi

Its price : 150,00€.

Don't wait any longer to get fitted with the best après-ski shoes and enjoy the joys of winter!

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