montagne fleur

Today more than ever it is essential to take care of our planet. With the summer season, the hot weather, the mountains are becoming more and more popular with many of us... and hiking has become one of this summer's flagship activities! We suggest a few eco-responsible gestures that are easy to adopt during your walks, hikes or bivouacs.

Prepare your itinerary

Before leaving, it is best to prepare your route, whether it is a nature park, a nature reserve or a protected area. Also, to control the weather to leave to adapt to the weather conditions... in summer? Don't forget your reusable water bottle and hat!

Respect the markings

Currently, most of the hiking trails are now signposted. In addition to guiding hikers throughout the walk, signposting also makes it possible to preserve sites to limit walking on protected areas in order to safeguard the environment for animals and fauna. Also think about your poles which can damage the vegetation!

Leave the environment intact

Although in the mountains, we can find pretty little colourful flowers, let's not forget that fauna and flora are part of our environment and our ecosystem which is indispensable to us on earth. Instead of cutting these flowers, take the opportunity to immortalize them with your camera during your hike. Your photo will be much prettier with these flowers than without them!

Minimize your waste

A field without flowers is like a field overrun with garbage... It doesn't make you feel like it and it's not nice for the locals and for the planet. During your outings, take reusable material with you: water bottles/gourds (to keep your water fresh and odourless), prepare your homemade picnic with your kitchen utensils (boxes, forks, knives, etc...). Just in case, take a plastic bag to put all your rubbish and those you can find on your way and recycle this rubbish at the end of the day.
Did you know that a piece of chewing gum in nature is 5 years before it is totally destroyed? A bottle of water is more than 400 years. It is finally simple to adopt these small gestures to preserve our planet.

Choose eco-responsible products

We don't necessarily think about it, but clothes have an impact on the environment, whether in terms of design, manufacture, transport, and even when we wear them, clothes emit pollution into the air. For example, for the impermeability of clothing certain products have been treated with chemicals, PFCs (perfluorocarbons), which are dangerous for nature and for mankind. Many brands have committed to making products without PFCs while creating a technical product that is more environmentally friendly.

So if you need hiking gear or equipment, we offer a selection of eco-responsible products and brands that are themselves environmentally friendly. Now it's up to you!