A historic brand that never ceases to innovate.


Created in Norway in Oslo in the 1940s by Odd Roar Lofterød Senior, the Odlo brand is today one of the most recognised outdoor brands in the world for the quality and technicality of its products.

Over the years, the brand has continued to evolve and innovate to stay one step ahead. Initially, the brand produced technical underwear for Norway's skating and cross-country skiing teams, particularly at the Olympic Games in the 60s and 70s. The first range of ODLO technical underwear was born.

Then taken over by the son, the company continued its development by moving the headquarters from Norway to Switzerland in 1986 and the following year launched the three-layer principle. The first layer is breathable, the second for warmth and the last for protection from wind and rain. A real innovation, this 3-layer system is still used today in various outdoor areas such as skiing, cycling, cross-country skiing, etc.

Aware of its success and its vision of the well-being of sportsmen and women, Odlo launched a range dedicated to running in 1994 with products close to the body for optimum performance.

In 2011, it also launched a range of clothing for cycling to ensure that it always remains focused on performance when practising sport, where the temperature of the athlete is an essential factor.

In addition to having equipped many well-known sportsmen and women in 2010, such as Ole einar bjorndalen, the brand is today the official supplier of the French cross-country skiing and biathlon team as well as one of the main sponsors of the eight-time cross-country mountain bike world champion Nino Schurter. These numerous high level sponsorships once again demonstrate that the brand always offers more innovative and top quality products.

Having received numerous awards at the ISPO trade fair for product innovation since 2015, this is further proof that Odlo makes innovation one of its main guidelines when designing its products.

As an innovative and leading brand of technical underwear, Odlo has become aware of the importance of resource conservation and the impact of the textile world on the planet. So since 2013, when it created the first seamless, fully recycled and recyclable underwear, the brand has been committed to a sustainable approach to make Odlo an eco-friendly brand.


 A brand with an Eco-Friendly commitment.


1.         Environmental responsibility :


Since 2016, Odlo has been part of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, which brings together retailers and manufacturers as well as non-profit organisations and governments committed to improving sustainability throughout the supply chain. As such, Odlo is involved in various projects related to improving, or rather reducing, the adverse effects of its production chain. By reducing plastic as well as using recycled materials as much as possible for product packaging. It is also studying transport processes in order to reduce its impact on the environment as much as possible, in particular by favouring maritime and rail transport whenever possible. In 2019, air transport of merchandise is only 3%.

As the textile industry is a water-intensive industry, Odlo is seeking to reduce its consumption as much as possible using the Drydye® dyeing process. This technology saves 25 litres of water per T-shirt and uses 50% less energy. This technology is particularly used on the brand's fashionable garments in different colours.

The brand's best-selling Active Warm Eco range of technical underwear is made from 100% recycled materials to reduce environmental impact. Odlo therefore offers high-performance products with a high level of technicality, all through 100% eco-friendly products.


2.         Social responsibility :


In addition to the environmental impact, Odlo is socially committed at the supply chain level to monitor the working conditions of all those involved in the brand. To this end, it is a member of the

Fair Wear Foundation, an independent non-profit organisation that evaluates the respect of employees' working conditions through controls.

In addition to being a member of this foundation, Odlo is one of the main leaders, and this for the 5th consecutive year, demonstrating the brand's commitment at all levels.

Thus, it offers total transparency of the supply and production chain by revealing all the stages and places where products are manufactured.


3.         The Be Aware Of What You Wear :


For the Autumn Winter 2020/2021 season Odlo has launched its "Be Aware of What You Wear" campaign, which seeks to link the brand and consumers in a sustainable approach by making the consumer a player in the changes needed for the planet.

This campaign involves 3 actions linking the brand and consumers:

  •          The first through a sporting challenge on the Strava application, which offers users the opportunity to take part in several sporting challenges for their well-being and offers a 20% discount to the winners of this challenge. In addition to this, the brand is offering the "Odlo Give Back" day on November 14th in partnership with the non-profit organisation "Protect Our Winters". This day offers a 20% discount on Warm ECO products which are products with 100% recycled materials.
  •          From 24th October to 14th November, Odlo is offering Quizzes on eco-responsibility to test and develop your knowledge using the brand's various social networks (Facebook, Instagram...). Odlo offers as a price a base-layer Active and Performance Warm ECO (100% recycled).
  •          Finally, from 2 November Odlo will be offering the "Odlo Take Back" which allows you to deposit your used sportswear in 30 Odlo shops in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Participants in this action will be offered a 10% discount on Odlo products. The clothing collection will be managed by TEXAID who will assess whether the product can be resold as second-hand clothing, recycled for the manufacture of new products or used as fuel for energy production.


The various actions and commitments of the Swiss-Norwegian brand show that the outdoor textile industry can be useful for the preservation of resources and thus make Odlo a resolutely Eco-friendly brand.


Thus in 2020 Odlo has achieved certain objectives and key elements for sustainable development as shown in the photo below.


You can discover all the products on our ODLO brand page and our eco friendly selection, you can make a commitment to respect the planet!