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History of the Odlo brand

Odlo was born in Norway more than 70 years ago with the designer's idea to create clothing that can withstand and provide the body with what it needs in the most inhospitable weather conditions. Innovation has been part of Odlo's DNA since its inception. The brand was one of the first to create functional sports underwear. And it has never stopped reinventing itself by offering products for sport and everyday life.

Their commitment to reducing the impact on the environment

The brand guideline is: " Be Aware of What You Wear". The Odlo brand takes an eco-responsible approach by opting for sustainability in its products and in the production process with complete transparency. But also by giving a second life to its clothes with the "Take Back" program or by helping the non-profit organization "Protect Our Winters".

The main technologies of the Odlo brand

As mentioned above, Odlo is an innovative brand and that is why it is committed to the development of new technologies to bring more and more technical features to its products. For example: the Ceramiwarm technology which allows to stay warm thanks to thermo-reflective ceramic particles. Or the ZeroScent technology, 100% natural origin, which reduces body odor. I-Thermic technology brings artificial intelligence to your clothing by allowing the user to control his body heat thanks to the solution's heating properties. Among many other technologies, the Odlo brand offers innovative, comfortable and trendy products to meet your needs in sports and everyday activities.


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