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History of the Odlo brand

In 1946, Odd Roar Lofterød founded ODLO. His motto in life and in sport is "always be one step ahead". This has led ODLO to become the leading technical underwear company in Europe. In 1986, ODLO created the 3-layer system. For several years, ODLO has been committed to reducing its environmental impact: 70% of production is based in Europe and by 2022, 75% of materials will be eco-responsible.

Their commitment to reducing environmental impact

Sustainability has always been part of ODLO's DNA. The logo, the helix, represents the company's three core values: responsibility, action and transparency. These values represent the three dimensions ODLO uses to address sustainability: We Care, We Act, We Share. Among other things, ODLO is a member of the Fair Wear Foundation, which strives to improve working conditions in the textile industry worldwide.

Odlo's core technologies

As an innovative brand, ODLO is constantly looking to develop new technologies to bring more technicality to its products. For example, the Chill-Tec active cooling technology reduces body temperature by convection. The fabric transports the heat away from the body and keeps you cool. Or the ZeroScent technology, 100% of natural origin, which reduces body odour. In its eco-responsible approach, ODLO now uses a TENCEL fibre in its Kinship products. This fibre is made from sustainably managed trees.

Odlo: Towards the use of 100% sustainable materials

Quality, comfort and durability are the watchwords of the ODLO brand. Each product reflects its growing commitment to the environment. Currently, 51% of the models are made from recycled polyester and sustainable materials. But the brand wants to go even further. Goal 2030: Use 100% sustainable materials.

If there is one category in which ODLO is making rapid progress towards its goal, it is the Base Layer. As a recognized expert in base layers, 86% of the number of models and 93% of the total production volume are made from recycled and natural sources.

Much more telling than long speeches, here are the figures of Odlo's commitment to eco-responsibility.

odlo sustainability

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