AlpinStore wishes, as usual, to highlight the innovative technologies of our partner brands.

Let's talk today about the Responsive technology created by Salewa, an Italian brand of the Oberalp Group (same group as the Dynafit or Pomoca brands).

What is Responsive technology?

Responsive is an intelligent technology applied to textiles based on far infrared radiation (FIR). In a few words, it contains a mixture of natural thermo-reactive minerals (which reacts according to temperature). The active particles are fused together to create a masterbatch that is applied as a textile print, or integrated into high-performance synthetic fibers and combined with other yarns to create hybrid materials targeting specific activities.

How does it work?

The responsive technology's blend of natural minerals absorbs heat from your body and recycles it back into energy and then sends it back to the body via infrared.

This infrared light, invisible to the naked eye, is not harmful to your health/body and does not interfere with electronic elements (smartphone, pacemakers, DVA...).

How does far-infrared textile technology work?

Research has proven that far infrared radiation transfers radiant energy. Far-infrared radiation can be absorbed, but also emitted, by the human body. Minerals emitting far-infrared (IR) radiation embedded in fibers can emit this radiated energy so that it penetrates the skin and stimulates the skin's blood circulation.

The far-infrared radiation energy of the human body is transferred to the Responsive mineral particles, which act as absorbers. This energy is absorbed by the minerals, which then re-emit the same IR to the skin. The minerals absorb, store and re-emit the IL energy to the body.

How long do I have to wear it for the technology to take effect?

To minimize muscle fatigue, it is recommended that you begin wearing clothing designed with Responsive Technology approximately 30 minutes prior to exercise.

After 20 minutes of exercise, the infrared reflection starts to work. Tests have been conducted and have confirmed that the reflection continues as long as the garment is worn.

In order to get the maximum benefit in terms of recovery, it is recommended to wear a garment with Responsive yarns for at least six hours a day to get the full benefits.

For a more pronounced effect, it is preferable to cover as much surface area as possible rather than wearing several layers (this will not improve the effectiveness of the technology).

Today, Salewa offers you the opportunity to dress with responsive technology from head to toe with a few examples:

Responsive technology is an integral part of the fabric and therefore does not diminish with each wash.

The benefits of Responsive on the body and performance:

  • Reduces the formation of lactic acid
  • Improves blood microcirculation, which enhances body performance
  • More energy for the body.
  • Average increase in tissue oxygenation and allows better use of oxygen.
  • Better thermoregulation of the body, the body needs less energy to manage heat and is able to produce better results.

The results of our scientific tests show that :

IN CASE OF ACTIVITY ABOVE THE ANAEROBIC THRESHOLD (high intensity sustained activity, such as a fast 400-meter run), the body needs more oxygen. Wearing the Responsive improves the body's blood circulation (oxygenation), helping to consume more oxygen than without it. Result: You can maintain your performance/activity longer => Longer lasting performance.

IN CASE OF ACTIVITY LESS THAN ANAEROBIC THRESHOLD (such as walking, trekking, constant jogging or running and even sleeping), the Responsive can help you make better use of the oxygen you breathe in. => A more durable performance.

DURING REST: With Responsive technology, the body is able to use more oxygen during rest => Faster recovery.

There, now you know all about this technology that will make you progress.