TOP 5 ski helmets with visors

backline visor bollé

The ski helmet is not yet mandatory on the slopes, although it is obviously highly recommended. The protection of the head during a fall can really reduce the risks of trauma and at Alpinstore, we are part of the team: protection above all!

Today, we unveil our top 5 ski helmets with visors. A 2 in 1 trend, which seduces more and more skiers every year. Ultra practical, a completely different style than the goggle + helmet combo, the ski visor helmet has all the features you need: comfort, fog evacuation, protection and style!

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#1 Bollé – Backline Visor

The Backline Visor ski helmet visor of the Bollé brand is a real 2 in 1! Clean and chic style, you look great on the slopes. In addition to being trendy, the ski helmet has all the features you need: adjustable ventilation, removable earpads, a Click-to-fit adjustment system, unequalled comfort with the foam lining and a perfect fit. You'll love to wear it in all conditions because it comes with 2 interchangeable visors, category 1 and 3, for visibility in all weather conditions.

 backline visor bollé

Price : 199,99€


#2 Cairn – Electron Visor

In second place is the Electron Visor ski helmet from Cairn. Lightness, comfort and clear vision are all there with this ski helmet! The plus of this helmet is its very good quality/price ratio. A simple, sober style that gives you an elegant style on the slopes. Equipped with a category 3 visor, an integral and adjustable ventilation system, the ski helmet with visor fulfills all the functionalities expected from a practical helmet.

Electron visor Cairn


Price : 99,99€

#3 Julbo – Sphere

In 3rd position, we find the Sphere ski helmet visor of Julbo. It has a finish that does not go unnoticed, a touch of originality on the ears, it's great! Light, comfortable, the ski helmet is light and protects you with style on the ski slopes. Equipped with a Reactiv Photochromic folding visor that gives you perfect vision in all weather conditions. This visor darkens or brightens depending on the light intensity during your outings. You always see as well in good weather as in bad weather. 

spere Julbo


Price  : 239,90€

#4 Cébé – Contest Vision

Cébé's Contest Vision ski helmet is built with an In-Mold shell with ventilation at strategic points. It protects you while being stylish. Comfortable and lightweight, you'll enjoy wearing it. The Fine Fit Tuning system allows you to adjust the helmet on your head in a personalized way so you'll be more comfortable during your sessions.

 contest vision Cébé

Price  : 149,90€

#5 CMP – Wa-2

The WA-2 ski helmet visor from CMP is also one of the most affordable helmets on the market, providing protection and comfort. Featuring soft ears and protection to prevent chin rubbing, this WA-2 helmet promises comfort and freedom of movement during your skiing sessions. Indeed, its ventilation system that allows you to stay at the right temperature during your descents on the slopes as well as in the ski lifts. Be ready to go all schuss!

Wa-2 CMP 

Price  : 90,00€