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Bollé or the proactive brand in the optical and visual protection market, with its 134 years of experience, the brand is among the leaders in the market. Bollé is constantly researching new ideas and technologies to revolutionize the ski mask market. The brand has already released its Phantom line of goggles or ski masks with high quality photochromic lenses. And it will continue to shake up the world of sports with its new technology: VOLT.

Experience the power of color with Bollé's VOLT technology

VOLT was created in response to the desire of mountain enthusiasts who are always looking for more performance for an unforgettable experience. This requires perfect vision and the VOLT technology is based on this consumer demand by proposing very high performance lenses that allow both to delimit colors and also to have a better perception of depths. And for this, it is necessary to increase the contrast, which is what BOLLÉ has done with VOLT.


The contrast allows for increased color visibility, it will allow an image to have more insistent colors, highlighting the landscape. If you have already gone to the mountains to practice a sliding sport, it is sometimes difficult to see the bumps, hollows, etc.. And it's because of poor light management that this happens. Thanks to Volt technology, your experience on the field is improved.

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VOLT lenses rely on a 30% increase in contrast that improves color visibility and perceived depth. The technology was created with the help of artificial intelligence, in fact this computer has made it possible to perform more than 4 million combinations combining different wavelengths. The objective is to mix the pigments to obtain a unique product. So unique, that BOLLÉ has filed a patent.

"Mountain enthusiasts are always telling us they are looking for an unforgettable experience. That was really the starting point for our thinking on Volt. We already had Phantom, the most advanced photochromic lens on the market, but we wanted to explore the field of high-contrast and color. This project symbolizes the state of mind that characterizes Bollé, an innovative, leading and trend-setting brand. Artificial intelligence represents a great opportunity for our research and development team. Out of 4 million combinations, it allowed us to develop the best solution to boost colors in a unique way and give this exceptional visual experience. Bollé is now one of the only brands with 2 revolutionary glass technologies, establishing itself as the reference brand in this field. We're really looking forward to introducing people to the Volt experience."

ALEXANDRE ISRAEL Global Marketing Manager

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Bollé ski goggles with VOLT technology

Discover the power of color through Bollé's Volt technology ski goggles, only select models feature this technology that dramatically improves your vision on the ski slopes.