To you, the hiker, walker, cyclist or runner who is not afraid to brave the rain and wind. This article will surely help you choose the perfect raincoat to practice your favorite activity while staying dry.

You dream of staying dry, but you don't understand the difference between a waterproof jacket and a waterproof jacket?

Well, a waterproof fabric is an airtight fabric that does not allow any breathability. That's why it is clearly not the recommended product when practicing a sport activity. Especially if it is intense and followed by perspiration.
On the other hand, for a waterproof jacket or coat, the notion ofwaterproofness is different and is much better suited to the practice of a sporting activity. By definition, a product is recognized as waterproof when it stops the passage of rain while maintaining a certain breathability.

How to choose a waterproof jacket for my sport activity.

Depending on the brand and the model, there are different materials, different technologies, different cuts and so on. To help you choose your waterproof jacket, here is a selection of products that will accompany you throughout your sports activities in the rain

1. The characteristics of the perfect waterproof jacket for your trail, running or cycling outings.

You can't predict the weather when you go for long trail sessions, running or cycling. That's why it's important to always have a waterproof jacket in your trail vest or backpack to protect yourself from unexpected rain showers.
Your jacket must absolutely have 3 assets:
  • Waterproofing to fight moisture and stay dry.
  • Breathable and light fabric to regulate body temperature for overall comfort.
  • Windproof, because thanks to this function, the fabric will slow down the penetration of the wind in the garment and thus minimize the feeling of cold.
The little extras that turn a classic raincoat into a raincoat ideal for outdoor sports:
  • Logo and/or reflective strips on the chest, back or sleeves for improved visibility.
  • A hood with or without a tightening system to protect your head from the rain.
  • The cut and length of the waterproof jacket must allow an optimal comfort in the movements and an optimal protection of the body.
  • A waterproof zip closure.
  • Inside and outside pockets to optimize the storage of necessary equipment.

2. Examples of technology used by brands to make your jacket waterproof.

The DRYVENT technology used by The North Face has been designed to offer waterproof, windproof and breathable properties to your jacket.
Primaloft Thermoplume is a material used by Millet that allows it to mimic the feel, aesthetics and suppleness of down, while havinghigh water-repellent propertiesthat ensure both wet and dry conditions.

3. The other asset to take into account when buying a waterproof jacket.

More and more of us are paying attention to our environmental impact and this also concerns our choices when buying clothes. Many brands are now using technologies and materials made from recycled or eco-designed materials.
For example, the brand Patagonia has designed its Storm 10 Alpine Jacket with an ultra-light, 100% recycled nylon ripstop 3-layer outer fabric that complies with the H2No standard. Fair Trade.
To give you another example, Millet uses Teflon EcoElite technology for long-lasting water repellency and effective water repellency. Made from 60% renewable resources and non-fluorinated raw materials.
You will find many other brands committed to the environment like Lafuma on our website: Click here to view


To find YOUR waterproof jacket, all you have to do is check that it has the features you think are essential for your sporting activity(hood, pockets, reflective tape...). Above all, check that it is a waterproof coat and not a waterproof coat, because it will not be adapted to the practice of an intense physical activity. Finally, pay as much attention as possible to the environmental impact of the materials used.