For almost 30 years Patagonia has devoted 1% of its sales to financing actions for the protection and conservation of the environment throughout the world. To date, it is 100 million euros donated.


On the occasion of Black Friday, a global day of unbridled consumption and extremely harmful for the environment, Patagonia encourages concerned citizens to donate to the environmental groups of their choice and pledges to double their positive impact on the planet: for every euro paid to an NGO through Patagonia Action Works, the mark equals the donation and pays the same amount.

The principle is simple: The customer goes to the site and makes a donation to an association on behalf of his friends or family members. He then receives a confirmation of his donation and a digital card.


Going even further in its commitment Patagonia will double all donations to environmental groups throughout the holiday season, from November 29 (Black Friday) to December 31, 2019.

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