Our eco-responsible favorites - Trekking

Our eco-responsible favorites - Trekking

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The textile industry, a negative impact on our nature

Today, we must be aware that the textile industry is polluting our environment and therefore our playground. Indeed, it is the second most polluting industry in the world after oil, representing nearly 1 billion tonnes of CO2 equivalent, a figure greater than all sea and air transport combined. It should also be noted that more than 4% of drinking water resources are used by the textile industry, which gives an idea of its negative impact on the planet.

As far as our daily behaviour is concerned, over-consumption is a real problem. You have probably noticed, and you are surely aware of it, that half of your wardrobe is stored for pleasure. Today, we buy out of envy, to follow fashion and without necessarily realizing that we are multiplying our purchases... Namely that 80 billion clothes are produced/delivered each year and several million tons of clothes or other items are thrown away.

What is the solution to reduce this impact?

The solution? Buying ecologically and/or ethically. And yes, to reduce our impact on the environment and keep our playground healthy, we must favour natural fibres such as organic cotton, linen, hemp, natural fibres and recycled materials.

To help you, Alpinstore offers you its eco-responsible favorites, especially for the practice of hiking. Don't hesitate to visit our website. to discover beautiful eco-responsible ranges!

Our eco-responsible favourites

Why wait any longer when you have the opportunity to take a positive step for your playing field, right in front of you?

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