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Ski touring goggles: essential for protection against sun and snow

Ski touring goggles are essential for protecting your eyes from intense UV rays, snow glare and changing weather conditions. Whether you're into ski touring, high-mountain trekking or winter hiking, it's crucial to choose the right goggles for your needs. Here's a guide to help you select the best ski touring goggles.

Features of ski touring goggles: protection and comfort

When selecting ski touring goggles, there are several key features to consider to ensure optimum protection and maximum comfort:

  • UV protection: Goggles must offer total protection against UV rays (UVA and UVB). Look for goggles with CE certification and a suitable protection category (category 3 for high protection, category 4 for maximum protection in the high mountains).
  • Polarized lenses: Polarized lenses reduce the glare caused by the sun's reflection on snow, improving visibility and visual comfort.
  • Anti-fog treatment: An anti-fog treatment on the lenses prevents fogging inside the goggles, ensuring clear vision even during intense exertion.
  • Wrap-around shape: Wrap-around shape goggles offer better side protection against wind, snow and debris.
  • Comfort and fit: Goggles need to be comfortable and snug-fitting to stay in place during activity. Adjustable nose pads and non-slip temples improve fit and comfort.
  • Ventilation: Good goggle ventilation prevents condensation and overheating, ensuring clear vision and optimum comfort.

Types of ski touring goggles: Choose according to your needs

  • Hiking sunglasses: Designed to offer protection against UV rays and glare, these goggles are ideal for mountain hiking and trekking. They should be lightweight, comfortable and offer good coverage.
  • Ski goggles: Specifically designed for winter sports, these goggles offer enhanced protection against extreme conditions, including snow and wind. They often feature interchangeable lenses to adapt to different light conditions.
  • Polarized glasses: Polarized lenses are particularly effective at reducing glare and improving visual clarity. They are ideal for snow-covered and high-mountain environments.
  • Photochromic goggles: These goggles automatically adjust lens tint to match light conditions, offering optimum protection in all conditions.

Recommended brands: Quality and innovation

Several brands are renowned for their high-quality ski touring goggles, offering solutions for all levels of skiers and tourers:

  • Julbo: A specialist in mountain goggles, Julbo offers models like the Julbo Explorer, which offer maximum protection and photochromic lenses.
  • Oakley: Known for its advanced technologies, Oakley offers goggles like the Oakley Flight Deck, offering excellent protection and optimum comfort.
  • Smith Optics: Renowned for its sports eyewear, Smith Optics offers models with polarized and interchangeable lenses, ideal for ski touring.
  • Cébé: A historic brand for mountain sports, Cébé offers robust, high-performance goggles, perfect for extreme conditions.
  • Salomon: Renowned for its ski equipment, Salomon offers ski and touring goggles with excellent UV protection and enhanced comfort.

Price and accessibility: find the best deal

Ski touring goggles vary in price according to brand, materials and features:

  • Entry-level: For limited budgets, brands like Cébé offer affordable goggles starting at 50 euros.
  • Mid-range: Goggles offering good value for money, such as those from Julbo and Smith Optics, are generally priced between 80 and 150 euros.
  • High-end: For those looking for cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, goggles from brands such as Oakley and Salomon can cost between 150 and 300 euros.

Choosing the right ski touring goggles is essential to guarantee optimum protection against UV rays, glare and changing mountain weather conditions. By taking into account features such as UV protection, polarized lenses, anti-fog treatment and ventilation, you can find the ideal goggles for your ski touring adventures. Well-known brands such as Julbo, Oakley and Smith Optics offer a wide range of goggles to suit all budgets and conditions. Investing in quality ski touring goggles will enable you to enjoy your mountain outings to the full, in complete safety and with optimum visual comfort.

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