Choosing your Colltexskins

1) Skin quality

Colltex Race: 100% Mohair, Colltex skin is the fastest and lightest. Gluing and weave optimized for competition. Recommended for competitors and performance enthusiasts.

Colltex100% Mo hair: 100% Mohair, a secure hold on the climb and very good glide properties. The goat hair absorbs very little moisture and limits the risk of hoof formation. Ideal for committed hikers from the sports professional to the ambitious hiker.

Colltex Mix: 65% mohair 35% polyamide, the addition of polyamide makes the Mix skin robust and resistant. Ideal for people who appreciate a good uphill hold in all temperature ranges.

2) The type of adhesive :

Standard glue: Traditional glue that made Colltex famous. A real layer of glue applied to the skin allows a perfect hold on the ski. This adhesive system is the most widely used today and has many years of experience. The glue can be changed by re-gluing the skin.

CT40: A silicone molecular glue, the CT 40 technology acts like hundreds of micro suction cups that press the skin against the ski. This allows use in all situations from -50°c to +50°c on wet or frozen snow. It is also a glue that allows easy skinning and peeling. Its suction cups can be reactivated with the CT40 liquid glue.

Whizzz: (without glue) Acrylic adhesive without glue last generation, the Whizzz allows a use without constraint. Skin and skin easily, no more need for netting or storage socks. The adhesive can be renewed thanks to the Whizzz tape solution.

3) The hanging system :

Front Hook: Slingbar 41 : Slingbar 41 is a 72 mm wide steel stirrup. It allows to fix a skin on 80% of the skis on the market.

Front hitch: Slingbar 70+: The Slingbar 70+ is a steel stirrup adjustable between 70 and 125 mm karge. Designed for very wide skis

Rear Hook: Camlock: The Camlock system is used at the back of the skin in addition to the glue and the front stirrup, to ensure an irreproachable hold by tension even over a long period of use or in extreme conditions. It can be adapted to all skis that have a heel with a rear hanger positioning plate.

4) The shape of the skin :

Straight skin: The straight skin is ideal for a straight or narrow ski that does not require a wider skin with a spatula than with a skate.

Cutting set: the cutting set allows you to have a custom-made skin. The skin is wider than the ski and must be cut by the user (material provided in the kit). It covers the whole ski whatever its geometry.

Easy fit cut : the new Easy fit Cut concept is based on the concept of the custom skin. A skin delivered already cut and assembled for your skis.

5) Colltexguarantees

In order to guarantee quality and constant innovation in terms of grip and gliding, Colltex skins are regularly tested by the WSL Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Davos, Switzerland.

Coltex Edge + is a high-tech anti-fraying material. No need for edge cauterisation: ideal if you cut your Colltex skins yourself.

100% Dry: thanks to a waterproof membrane and a hydrophobic anti-fragging treatment, Colltex skins remain dry: even on wet snow or during long raids.

100% grip : The choice of the fibres and the weave is decisive for the anti-recoil performance of the skins. The hooked weave designed by Colltex guarantees a very sure grip on uphill.

Speed : The length of the skins type of mohair, hydrophobic quality, extreme lightness: a Colltex skin is suitable for pros looking for performance and speed.

6) Easy Fit Skins

Easy fit Skins are standard half-cut skins. No more cutting to ask for in store, the sides are adapted to match the best sellers on the French market. Each Easy Fit Skins model covers a wide range of skis according to its width at the skate and is available in 3 lengths with Camlocks

Skin size (mm)
Width ski to skate (mm) Peau Tip underfoot Tail Caliper + Camlock Available lengths Ref
84-87 Easy 84 110 80 95 Caliper 41 (72 mm) 157-165 166-173 174-181 182-189 CTEASY84
88-91 Easy 88 114 84 97,5 CTEASY88
92-95 Easy 92 118 88 100 CTEASY92
96-99 Easy 96 120 92,5 102,5 CTEASY96
100-103 Easy 100 120 95 105 166-173 174-181 182-189 190-200 CTEASY100
104-107 Easy 104 125 100 105 CTEASY104
108-111 Easy 108 125 102,5 107,5 CTEASY108

Easy 84 : Zag Adret / Trab freedom 84 / Dynastar Cham Alti / Dyna t 7 Summit / Cho Oyu / Baltoro / Hagan Chimera / Movement Bond et Current / Bd Aspect / Cham 87 .

Easy 88 : K2 Wayback / Black Crows Orb / Freebird / Black Diamond Carbon Aspect / Dyna t Manaslu / Blizzard ALtitude / Trab Freedom 90 / Movement response and balance...

Easy 92 Scott Crusair / Fischer Hannibal / Armada Declivity / Faction Agent 90 / Movement Magnet...

Easy 96 Volkl Nanuq Et V Werks / Movement Shift / Black Crow Camox Freebird / Zag Ubac / Dynastar Cham 97 / Atomic Vantage Alibi / Salomon Q-98 / Ross Sin 7 / Volk Mantra / Dyna t Denali....

Easy 100: Faction Candide 2.0 and Agent 100 / Black Crows Navis

Easy 104 : Soum 7 / Dynastar Cham 107, Bd Carbon Convert / K2 Coomback / Scott Rock AIr ...

Easy 108 : Salomon Rocker 2 108 mm / Faction Canide 3.0 / Atris...

7) Whizzz the latest generation skin without glue

The feeling is guaranteed: here is the 1st Colltex skin with an acrylic-based treatment. Whizzz has all the advantages of a glue-free skin thanks to the technology developed by Colltex. Skin and peel your Whizzz with a quick and effortless gesture. It is the ideal allround skin. Ultra adhesive and very easy to use.

The Colltex solution to reactivate the treatment is possible and ultra simple. Thanks to Whizzz tape, you can renew the treatment yourself: cold easily and quickly giving a Whizzz as effective as a new skin.

Advantages of Whizzz :

No more skin that sticks in the bag

No more need for a protective net or pro skin

Little loss of membership

Eco friendly

Extreme temperature resistance

Fibre mix for strength and durability

Perfect grip and glide

Renew the treatment yourself

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