The Rossignol brand was launched in 1907 by Abel Rossignol who started by carving his first wooden boards in Isère and more precisely in the town of Voiron. Precursor of sponsorship contracts, Abel began to work with Emile Allais, medalist of the Olympic Games in 1936. It was in 1970 that Rossignol took a new turn since Rossignol skis became the world number 1.

« White Label for Rossignol »

The Sashimi and Sushi snowboards from Rossignol are two boards developed with the international French snowboarder, Xavier De Le Rue. These two products are real war machines both in powder and backcountry. But you may be wondering, what does the term "white label" mean ?

« White Label » refers to the promotional pressing of a disc whose label has practically the same texts, logo or illustrations as the version sold, except that it is on a white background and not on a colored background. Note that these "White Labels" are limited and are distributed only to influencers.

Concerning the XV Sushi and XV Sashimi boards, why design fish designs ?

On these two snowboards, Rossignol is imbued with a traditional Japanese method dating from the middle to the 19th century. Indeed, fishermen grease their black ink catches and then put them on paper. This permit not only to keeps track but also to compares them. Note that this form of printing is now an art in its own right.

XV Sushi board

This XV Sushi board highlights the incredible performances of Japan, representing a retro shape and a traditional design. Designed on the advice of Xavier De Le Rue, for people of advanced level, the board offers an amazing gliding performance and versatility. Exceptional for powder days, no more thigh pain at the bottom of each descent!

XV Sashimi board

Also designed using Xavier De Le Rue, the XV Sashimi plank is softer than its colleague XV Sushi. Narrower and longer, it has better handling and excellent buoyancy in powder. Dynamic and firm underfoot, this Rossignol snowboard pushes your limits.

Why wait longer when you have this kind of product in front of you ?