Choosing your Sea to Summit 2018 Sleeping Bag

Choosing your Sea to Summit 2018 Sleeping Bag

For several years now Sea to Summit has expanded its range of sleeping bags to offer you the necessary equipment for your outdoor activities. We present you below the whole range.

From 2016, the feather used in all sleeping bags will be certified R.D.S (responsible down standard). The R.D.S. standard guarantees the proper treatment of farmed geese and commits producers to respect certain criteria on the production of feathers. For Sea to Summit it's one more step towards respecting the natural environment.

Latitude LT

The latitude is the most versatile of all technical sleeping bags. Sea-To-Summit. Its wide temperature range combined with its total opening allows its use all year round. Comfort: the width of the feet and hips is much wider than the Talus, Spark or Voyager ranges.

Comfort temperatures :

Latitude LT II: -3°c to -9°c

Latitude LT III: -10°c to -17°c

Trek TK

There are days when you don't want a traditional sarcophagus sleeping bag, which is too tight, too oppressive, and where you need comfort and warmth. This is why Trek Series were designed. Comfort, versatility, performance.

Comfort temperatures :

TK I: 5°c

TK II: -1°c

TK III: -5°c

Ember Eb

The cover Ember is a concentrate of versatility. Used on its own, in combination with a mattress, as a blanket or down duvet, theEmber allows any combination to find the right balance between heat and bulk.

Comfort temperatures :

Ember Eb I: between 4° and 10°c

Ember Eb II between -4°c and -10°c

Talus TS

The range Talus offers an exceptional weight/heat ratio, while maintaining the quality of finish that has made the brand a success.

Comfort temperatures :

Slope TS I: 1°c

Slope TS II: -5°c

Slope TS III: -10°c

Spark SP

Until now, when you needed a sleeping bag , you had the choice between being weighed down by inadequate down or enduring the weather conditions without a bag. The Spark range has changed the rules of the game by removing the trade-offs. Neither comfort nor performance will be sacrificed.

Comfort temperatures :

Spark SP I : 8 - 12°c

Spark SP II: 2 - 7°c

Spark sp III: -4°c - 2°c

The technologies

Ultra dry down:

Sea to Summit has developed a feather treatment that allows:

- to keep it from getting wet

- to keep a natural blowing agent

- to dry faster

- to repel microbes and bacteria

- to extend the life of your sleeping bag. This hydrophobic polymer treatment keeps 60% more swelling in wet conditions and absorbs 30% less moisture than a sleeping bag with an untreated loft.

Thermolite :

Sea to Summit developed a new range of sleeping bags using a synthetic Thermolite filling. The Thermolite maintains a certain amount of inflation thanks to air entrapment while being compressible. Compared to a feather lined sleeping bag, the synthetic has the advantage that it dries very quickly and can therefore be easily maintained and is ideal for use in wet conditions.

Pack Store wash :

All sleeping bags Sea to Summit are delivered with 2 bags :

- A light and resistant Ultra Sil compression bag

- A storage bag to keep the down in optimal conditions, a quality bag that also allows practical and intelligent storage in shops and can be transformed into a washing bag.

Matching bags

Sleeping bags Sea to Summit zip between 2 to sleep in couple provided that you have 1 right and 1 left. They can be paired between models except for the Spark that doesn't get mixed up.

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