Find the shoes that fit you according to your needs

Find the shoes that fit you according to your needs

You need to change your shoes but you don't know which ones would suit you best?

We will try to enlighten you!

The usefulness of shoes

First, you need to identify why you're going to use your shoes.

Divertible Lifestyle footwear is generally lightweight and flexible. These shoes are designed for activities such as traveling, walking on small trails, or for everyday use: going to work, in the city. They are therefore shoes where look, comfort and versatility are important.
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Hiking boots, on the other hand, offer good support and a sole that promotes cushioning. They are made for longer, more rugged excursions.
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Trekking models are designed for long treks over difficult terrain with a heavy load on the back. They give you support, more protection (stone protection,...) and are therefore generally more robust and heavier.
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Alpine boots are suitable for crampon use and are developed for use on glaciers, mountaineering and ice climbing.
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Your experience

How much experience do you have?

In choosing the shoes, theuse you are going to make of them is obviously very important, but the fitness and experience you have is also crucial.
To give you a good example, when you first practice high mountain climbing, you often ask yourself why the guide puts on shoes that are lighter than yours?
The reason is that alpine guides are physically stronger, more accustomed to rough terrain and therefore can wear less protective and therefore lighter shoes. Safety is of course a priority and therefore, when in doubt about which shoes to choose, especially if you don't have much experience, always opt for stronger and more stable shoes.

The load of the backpack and the duration of your trekking

What's the load on your backpack?

Of course, there is a huge difference between trekking for three weeks in Nepal with a 20 kilogram backpack and climbing the Alps with a 5 kilogram backpack. It is not only important to have a rigid and flexible sole, but the design of the whole shoe is also important. For more committed trekking with a heavy load, we recommend a more rigid shoe. For day trips with lighter backpacks, a lighter model is more suitable.

Weather conditions

What weather conditions do you foresee?

Will you be able to dry your shoes overnight?

We'll ask the question differently, is the Gore-Tex® membrane a prerequisite for your shoes? Shoes with a Gore-Tex® membrane are not only water-repellent and guarantee the wicking of perspiration, but are also characterised by the fact that they dry quickly. Therefore, shoes with this kind of membrane are the best choice for trekking, mountaineering (on glaciers for example), in rainy, humid, swampy and winter climates, especially if you don't have the opportunity to dry your shoes at night. If you happen to find yourself in the conditions mentioned above, although occasionally, you should consider footwear with a Gore-Tex® membrane.

The advantage of leather lining is that it adapts better to the shape of the foot, but leather footwear is not completely waterproof, even with very good care. It is therefore preferable to use them in dry climate conditions or when you have the possibility to dry your shoes at night.

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