Ski Test Tour de Méribel 2019

Ski Test Tour de Méribel 2019


Ski Test Tour de Méribel 2019


This great all-terrain ski is very fast and powerful thanks to the addition of two titanium plates along the ski. An energetic ski with rebound that likes to go fast, its rocker profile and width allow it to be very effective in powder and variable snow.

This ski is comfortable both on piste and powder. It is better suited for big curves. With this ski you don't feel the flaws of the slopes, you are really very stable and absorbs moguls.


Agile high-speed aircraft - Intermediate load-bearing capacityand speed and alertness, the Captis is the ideal ski for ski areas. Fine skiing and therefore more reagent with a fast edge to edge transition. Captis is lenient and very pleasant to ski.

This ski is very pleasant to ski both on the piste because it is very easy to handle and light as well as off-piste. Moreover, I found that the sensations with this ski were superb, because we have the impression to have a "4x4" fixed to our boots because the skis absorb all the imperfections of the piste, or moguls outside for example. They are made to go everywhere. Their weight is adapted if we go down fast because they hold very well and give us confidence during our descents. I usually ski with this model, and this new model has scored points for me again... :)


If you like to carve precise curves at high speed at the opening of the slopes and then focus on maneuverability and responsiveness to carve through the moguls in the late afternoon to get to the après-ski, look no further than the Dictator 1.0.

This ski is really light and pleasant. It's a touring ski, hence its lightness. I only tested it when going downhill and not uphill. It's very easy, you can do small curves as well as big curves. You can also do some powder. It adapts to all types of snow.


The Dictator 2.0 transforms the entire mountain into a freeride playground. The 95 mm skid, the dynamic core Fusion Lite surrounded by the twosuper stable Titanal layersand the double radius dimension lines offer a perfect compromise of power, lightness and responsiveness so that you can ski with confidence.

The Faction Dictator 2.0X ski I tested was a touring ski with alpine ski bindings. It is suitable for both on and off-piste skiing, it is very pleasant to ski off-piste. For my part I had more difficulty to make big turns than with other models but I found this pair very light and pleasant.


Intuitive and comfortable, don't let its wasp size and short radius fool you. While it allows you to enter corners effortlessly on the piste, this ski also proves to be remarkably versatile off-piste, thanks in part to its progressive tips. A ski for women skiers who want to get off the slopes as soon as the conditions are right without sacrificing performance on hard snow when the conditions aren't there.

Avery versatile ski, comfortable both on and off-piste. A little stiff for my taste for small curves. It's a lightweight ski that absorbs the flaws of the snow well.


Designed for explorers who often venture off the groomed trails, the H-96 Lady combines off-road performance with ease of use. Catchy on the slopes and making powder evolution disconcertingly easy, this ski will awaken your destiny as an adventuress.

I found this ski to be very grippy on the piste as it was nervous, but I especially loved the off-piste playfulness that this ski offered. You can jump everywhere, make curves at any time. It's very easy to use, and we immediately like its lightness and design. I fell in love with it.


The brand new EXPERIENCE 94 Ti is designed to live all the adventures that the mountain has to offer. This all-mountain ski made of France is aimed at experts who approach the mountain in its entirety, both on and off the field.

For my part this ski was a nice surprise, I felt totally confident, it clings very well to the piste, I had superb sensations of speed, and off-piste the skis remain stable! Very good ski model for on-piste / off-piste versatility.


With its wasp waist shape, it is ideal for making small curves. This ski is made for those who love to ski technical slopes. It responds well to support and is very responsive. Off-piste is not for this ski, but you have a lot of fun on the piste.



With itsgrip and stability in hard snow, pleasant ride and good off-piste ability, it has everything you could ask for in a versatile ski. This ski is often appreciated by instructors who need a ski that performs well, lasts and can accompany them in both hard and powder snow.

A ski with a great grip on the slope. Ideal for big cuts but also for small ones. Very responsive, butalittle stiff in powder and a little heavy.

Thanks to Justine and Alice for the realization of these tests skis.

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