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Go to a fully equipped resort, a pair of skis and off you go!

We have made the choice to offer you many pairs of nude skis to leave you the choice to put the fastener you want on it, or to fix the pair of fasteners you already have in stock. At Alpinstore you will find the best ski models for men and also models of skiing adapted for women and to leave no one on the edge of the runway... we offer children's skis for all desires. We offer a wide choice whether you want to practice on piste, all mountain, freeride or freestyle. But which ski to take and for which practice?

And why not a ski pack with bindings? Leave for the resort in complete peace of mind! Find our ski pack page right here.

How to choose your skis ?

The construction of a ski

- The heel: this is the lower part of the ski, which is at the back of the binding. It is shaped differently depending on your practice. For the piste, the heel is cut straight and the closer you get to a freeride practice, the more the heel is raised for better handling.

- The skate: represents the width of the ski at the level of your arch. The narrower the skate, the better the maneuverability. On piste, the skate is rather thin but the closer you get to freeride, the wider the skate is for excellent stability and floatability.

- The tip: this is the upper part of the ski, which is at the front of the binding. It is different depending on the discipline because it will be more or less wide, or more or less long. Indeed, for on-piste practice, the tip is moderately wide and not very high but the closer you get to freeride, the wider and higher the tip is for better handling and stability.

- The edges: represent the grey/metallic part on each side of your ski. These allow you to make turns and carve curves. The more your ski is tilted on your edge, the faster you will turn. Over the long term, they require regular sharpening to maintain this grip.

- The sole: this is the (often black) part of your ski, which is placed on the snow. It allows you to slide down the slopes. The flatter your ski will be, the faster you will go.

The ideal ski for the piste?

You are a lover of beautiful curves on groomed slopes, but you don't know which pair of skis to choose? We tell you more ...

Downhill skiing is for everyone, regardless of level. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, the pairs of skis are adapted to your level. To have a better handling, the width of your ski should be rather thin. The thinner the skate (width of the ski), the shorter the turns can be with a fast edge to edge passage. The length is chosen according to your height but is normally smaller than you.

The camber of the ski must be classic, i.e. the ends of the ski are in perfect contact with the snow. The rocker must be placed at the level of the tip to facilitate the entry of the turn.

For skiers looking for speed Dynastar skis will be ideal as well as the Black Crows, Fischer or Scott brands which promise you an impressive choice. The green, blue, red and black tracks will be easy!

The perfect pair of skis for all mountain ?

If you like fresh snow but also like to practice on the slopes, you need a pair of all-mountain skis. This one will make you a high-performance skier whatever the terrain. Playful on groomed terrain but pleasant on off-piste, all-mountain skiing will delight women and men who love to have fun.

All-mountain skiing is therefore for those who ski on all types of terrain and who already have an intermediate/confirmed level. The perfect pair of skis for this practice is a ski with a moderately wide skate (75mm minimum) and a fairly wide tip, with a long lift on the front.

As for the rocker, it is ideally placed if it is only on the tip or on both levels, be it tip and heel. The latter will allow a good grip and good flotation.

The diversity of Rossignol models offers a wide choice of all-mountain skiing but you can find your happiness at K2, Scott, Dynastar, Black Crows, Faction, Volkl or Zag which promise more incredible descents than ever.

Which ski for freeride?

Freeride, which is a discipline increasingly practiced in our mountains, requires an adapted pair of skis. Indeed, if you like to have fun in couloirs or on fresh snow slopes, choose a good pair of freeride skis.

Freeride skis are presented with a heel and a spatula raised enough for a better handling. The skate is wide or very wide (85mm minimum) for maximum buoyancy during your descents.

The camber must be inverted so that the point of contact with the snow is in the center of the ski. The rocker in spatula and heel is ideal to please you.

Faction , Volkl,Nightingale, the flashy colors of Blackcrows freeride skis or even the different freeride models of Zag ensure optimal comfort with an incredible feeling of pleasure.

The ideal ski for freestyle?

If you are a big fan of freestyle parks and want to have the right pair of skis, then follow our advice.

The fre estyle ski has a wide enough tip with a short enough lift for better stability. In this discipline, the double-spatulas (ski raised in front and back) is an inevitable, mainly to have excellent maneuverability when the skier runs backwards.

Take the famous Candide Thovex freestylers as an example and choose Faction that offers the best freestyle skis of the moment.

Dynastar, Volkl, and Zag ensure impressive maneuverability on the piste and in the air.

Finally discover all the new 2021 skis on Alpinstore with our brands : Black Crows, Faction, Volkl, Nightingale, Zag, Dynastar, K2, Scott

You now know everything about downhill skiing and you have all the knowledge you need to choose your pair of skis so all schuss!

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