Test of the Active Spine t-shirt by Odlo, ideal for sportsmen and women

Test of the Active Spine t-shirt by Odlo, ideal for sportsmen and women

In recent years, many people have been forced to stop doing sports because of back pain. The Odlo brand has worked hard and decided to create for the summer of 2020, a t-shirt that allows to improve posture and avoid pain. The main goal is to allow all these people to continue practicing sports without being limited in their movements.

This t-shirt Odlo Active Spine must be worn as a first layer since to be effective it must absolutely stick to the skin. Namely that the creation of this new baselayr is fully designed for many sports such as: crossfit, weight training, running and other team sports. But, it seems important to add that this product can also be worn at work or at home, under a sweater for example. No more bad habits!

Better posture

"I wore the Active Spine T-shirt during a Crossfit session and it's true, the result is quite impressive. My back was supported properly, no matter what exercise I did."

This shirt Active Spine has a unique technology, improves the posture of your back, without making any effort. Indeed, this technology corrects bad habits and helps toalign the bust, shoulders and spine.

"The light and highly breathable t-shirt makes your effort a pleasant moment. Indeed, its material remains comfortable and stretchy, which allowed me to make the movements I wanted..."

This t-shirt made of Zeroweight Eyelet fiber, allows you to keep your back firmly in place thanks to compression points. On the other hand, it is important to note that the front of the product is fully elastic, to guarantee you unequalled comfort.

"Because my back and shoulders are in line, I have never felt any unpleasant muscle pain. I was able to do pull-ups, push-ups and squats without thinking about my upper body posture."

The result is almost immediate since the upper body is aligned, the rib cage can expand, the discs are relieved and therefore your breathing will be more efficient. In addition, there should be little or no back muscle pain during exercise.

Better performance

"The Active Spine t-shirt is worn really close to the body so you can feel an improvement in your posture. For my part, I felt my shoulders were pulled back slightly and my back was held straight."

Your performance will obviously be better than before. It will be better than before. Odlo wished to make this t-shirt with a shape close to the body to improve blood circulation and thus reduce vibrations. Here, the body will feel much less tired and will be able to recover more easily. The sportsman is thus less limited in his effort and can without hesitation, improve his performance.

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