Presentation :

Jean Hudry (24 Y.O.)


City: LE GRAND-BORNAND (Haute Savoie, France)

My sports career :

At the dawn of my 25th year, my vision of sport as well as my sport are evolving in a direction that I surely would not have imagined a few years ago. My beginnings in the sport were made in tennis, a demanding sport, as much by its physical, mental and technical dimension. A sport that I loved and that I practiced for 13 years in competition (best ranking: 2/6), a sport that punctuated my lifestyle, my personal choices, my educational path; by integrating in particular a boarding school in order to continue my practice in tennis study. I then integrated a sports faculty. The discovery and the possibility of practicing other sports somewhat alienated me from the tennis courts and gave birth to a passion for endurance sports (trail running, cycling ...).

Residing in Grand-Bornand, in Haute Savoie, I had the chance to grow up in a natural playground suitable for these types of activities, without real constraints. In recent years, these activities and in particular Trail Running, have taken an increasing part in my daily life.

Not necessarily attracted to competition when I started in Trail, the intensity of my training sessions naturally led me to my first race. And once immersed in the bath, the first bib attached, everything falls into place as obvious.

It therefore becomes difficult to do without this practice, as its effects are beneficial to our physical and mental health. Going so far as to shake up our daily life, our habits, our pace of life, I would say that more than the competition itself, it is the environment as a whole that makes me want to invest myself even more. 

I would therefore define myself as someone for whom a taste for effort is combined with fulfillment of sport and health.