Rossignol is THE essential brand of winter sports for the whole family and for all levels.

The Rossignol brand was launched in 1907 by Abel Rossignol who started by carving his first wooden boards in Isère and more precisely in the town of Voiron. Precursor of sponsorship contracts, Abel began to work with Emile Allais, medalist of the Olympic Games in 1936. It was in 1970 that Rossignol took a new turn since Rossignol skis became the world number 1.

Little by little, the bird makes its nest, and Rossignol continues its progression since in 1987 it offers snowboards which will become popular thanks to its legends Jonas Emery, JF Pelchat, Dave Seoane, Travis Rice and thereafter establishes its position by acquiring Lange in 1989, specialist in high-end ski boots.

Ski, ski boots and boots! One last element is missing ...

The ski bindings! It is therefore thanks to the acquisition of Look in 1994 that Rossignol can now offer a complete range for winter sports enthusiasts. It was finally a few years later that Rossignol developed its range of clothing and accessories, ski jackets, ski pants, helmets, etc. for the whole family, from the smallest to the largest.

It is during the great history of Rossignol that certain legendary skis such as ALLAIS 60, OLYMPIC 41, SCRATCH, SOUL7, HERO were born and made the reputation of the brand ...

Rossignol quickly became the inevitable brand for great athletes like Martin Fourcade, Tessa Worley, Enzo Nilo, Christina Geger, Hugo Laugier, and many more. Today, what makes Rossignol strong and what appeals to athletes is notably its French manufacture of its alpine skis since it is one of the last to manufacture its “Made in France” skis, for competitors. Blue white red in the spotlight for the best.