In a few words, the Lapland Trophy is:
- Supporting beautiful associations thanks to a 100% female raid making you live a physical and mental overcoming with a teammate
- Running through a wild and preserved nature and this in the heart of the polar winter ( up to -27°C)
- A moment of conviviality, sharing and laughter
- Stiffness and sweat but above all, beautiful encounters ▪ Enjoying all the magic of Christmas in the Land of Santa Claus



Julia, Auxiliary nursery nurse in Pediatric Intensive Care at the Hôpital-Femme-Mère-Enfant in Lyon
"For many years I have been watching for this raid, hesitating to sign up and finally on a whim I said to myself "Come on why not me! Get out of your comfort zone and do it for all these little girls and boys who fight every day. This is going to be the adventure of a lifetime so find someone as crazy and committed as you!"

Cyndi, Nurse in Pediatric Intensive Care at the Hôpital-Femme-Mère-Enfant in Lyon
"One fine day, Julia offered me this challenge that I found completely crazy but impossible to refuse because I know that we are a crazy duo! Always going further and surpassing ourselves is what motivates me because we are lucky enough to be able to!"

Their motto: "We don't stop when we're tired, we stop when we're done!"


For the choice of the association to support, we immediately thought of the association "Marie Dream" which is very active in our department and improves the daily life of our patients.

association le rêve de marie dream
Marie was a young girl who did not make any noise, she preferred to observe without saying anything but had her own opinion on many things. Born in 2000, she contracted lymphoma (cancer of the immune system) in 2015 against which she fought continuously and quietly. In 2016 the disease was stronger and Marie left us.
Her dream " That every child, every teenager can heal because their desire is to grow and smile at the future."
Her parents then created this association that bears her name, in October 2017 to realize her dream.

Its Missions:
✔ To support research in order to find treatments in pediatric hematology and oncology
✔ To improve the daily lives of sick children, teenagers and young adults
✔ To help other associations that work to support research and improve the daily lives of sick children
✔ To raise awareness of pediatric cancers in schools, colleges, high schools and even in various events.


DAY 1: Run&Snowshoe event

Despite a cold felt at -15°C, we had never been cold thanks to our equipment!!! We had followed the rule of 3 layers and we did well! It had snowed the days before our arrival, the conditions were optimal! A good part of the race was done in the powder!
We arrived at the end of the 13km without pain and with a smile! Proudly wearing the colors of the association we represent!
A relaxing afternoon before leaving tomorrow for a Run & Bike!


DAY 2 : Run&Bike event

It snowed all night which made the terrain more difficult for both running and biking! Positive point concerning our equipment we were still well protected! The 12kms were contrary to the day before covered in pain but as "the pain is in the head" we finished this event thanks to all our supporters and our will to represent until the end our association "Le rêve de Marie Dream"!

See you tomorrow for new adventures... The Cross Country Skiing & Ice Mad event !


DAY 3 : Ice Mad & Cross Country Skiing event

Temperatures worthy of the polar circle - 17°C this morning, felt -24°C, we came for that and we got it. Reboosted after yesterday's disappointment, we left even more motivated. The weather conditions were ideal, a great sun and no time to feel the cold. The Ice Mad.... what to say. Cyndi had a great time, Julia much less except in the descent! 1st lap was suffering, 2nd lap was passed. who said there was no difference in altitude in Lapland. The cross-country skiing, the good surprise of the day. We enjoyed ourselves. Against all odds, we managed, the future rising stars of biathlon. Finally, we did it. We finished it, we are proud of us, we are proud of you, you never let us down. Thanks again!

And of course a special thought for Le rêve de Marie, the engine of this superb adventure.