Dear Community Alpinstore,


We are all looking forward to this gradual release from containment! Certainly we will have to be vigilant and doubly so! for us, for our loved ones and the most fragile.

In France, it is in a few hours that we will know how to get out, step by step and zone by zone... So in the meantime, the O'Pilates Studio invites you to do some exercises to bounce back, at home, gently.

Lionel offers you a 15-minute session with the Swiss ball - or big ball. By playing with the instability of this accessory, you'll work on both the centre of the body and your abdominal muscles, your control; you'll also strengthen your entire back muscle chain, especially your buttocks.

After this session, it's up to you to bounce, jump, leap and leap in your favorite trails and waterfalls, on your favorite walls.

Have a great session!


The O'Pilates Studio team remains available to set up Pilates classes with you via the ZOOM application: private or "small group" classes.

Do not hesitate to contact them:

This week's appointments are on


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