Dear Alpinstore community, 


Here is our last sports appointment with the O'Pilates Studio coaches!

We, sports and nature lovers, will soon be back to our favourite physical activities and hope that these little weekly meetings have been profitable for you?

The O'Pilates coaches have come to your home to offer you these short workout sessions.

Today, for the latter, they open the studio doors to let you discover the original Pilates method. The one that includes all the exercises on mats - performed with you over the last 5 weeks - and the hundred or so other exercises on the Pilates "system". This system is composed of Reformer, Cadillac or Wunda Chair ...

Then push the door of the O'Pilates Studio by clicking on the link below!

Nice discovery!



The O'Pilates Studio team remains available to set up Pilates classes with you via the ZOOM application: private or "small group" classes.

Do not hesitate to contact them:

This week's appointments are on

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