Like few other players in the outdoor sector, the mountain sports specialist Ortovox stands for safety in the mountains. Since 1980, Ortovox has been protecting mountaineers with avalanche transceivers and since 1988 with weather-proof clothing.


In 2008, with the Safety Academy, the foundation stone was laid for the online and offline training program. The goal is still the same, to protect climbers and the mountains themselves. As early as 2017, the company set itself the goal of becoming climate neutral by 2024, a goal that Ortovox is fast approaching. The increasingly visible effects of climate change are an opportunity for Ortovox to launch the multimedia information platform protACT LAB.

It offers inspiration and information to the outdoor sports community for socially acceptable sports:

  • How to repair small damages on products?
  • How to make mountain travel more sustainable without too much effort?
  • What is the impact of mountain sports on climate change?

The protACTLab presents some impressive figures on climate change. " We know we are part of the problem, but we also know we can be part of the solution," says Christian Schneidermeier, CEO ofOrtovox."It's time to go beyond making fair trade and sustainable products, to make things happen, to lead by example and to inspire the mountain sports community. That's what prompted the creation of the new protACTLAB. Its goal is to protect what we love. "




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This product is carbon neutral.
It has been produced in the most ecological way possible.

For more sustainability! This product contains recycled polyamide. This product was made under fair working conditions according to the Fair Wear Foundation.

The protACTLAB offers tutorials that encourage small changes in one's own behavior and mobilize the potential of the entire mountain sports community.

In fact, 13 billion kilometers are traveled each season by the 1.4 million members of the German Alpine Club. This figure illustrates the scope for action and the impact of small individual gestures. For example, mountaineers consume 3494 kg of CO2 per year, which is equivalent to the melting of 10.5 m2 of Martian ice... 2600kg of this amount are linked to commuting: the biggest lever is therefore the change of behavior in terms of mobility. The platform therefore presents simple tools and initiatives that facilitate small gestures whose cumulative effect is significant.

A platform that invites reflection and proposes alternatives

To what extent does the mountain sports community, with its social media craze, contribute to clogged parking lots and hikes and what could be the alternatives? The platform also shows what can be discovered in the mountains besides the likes and records.

The textile industry is responsible for almost 10% of CO2 emissions worldwide, a larger share than air and sea transport combined. In Germany alone, almost 400,000 tons of textiles are thrown away every year. The share of organic textiles in German wardrobes is on average less than 1%. 20% of the pesticides used worldwide are derived from cotton production, a frightening and sobering figure.


The product expert's advice:

Many small damages to clothing and equipment can be repaired with a few simple steps - an important contribution to sustainable use of equipment. Good maintenance can significantly extend the life of a product, an important measure given that around 40% of new textiles remain more or less unused.
Nathanaël - Mountaineering expert

Since its creation in 1980, Ortovox has been protecting climbers and mountains. Protection refers on the one hand to innovative emergency products and in-depth knowledge of mountain sports, and on the other hand to the alpine space in which we like to move. In view of the increasingly visible effects of climate change, a unique information platform has been created with the protACT Academy. It offers you suggestions and inspiration for more sustainable mountain sports.

To remember:

  • We must protect what we love
  • Working collectively for more sustainable mountain sports
  • Pass on our knowledge to the next generation
  • Thinking sporty and responsible