Deuter tells us how to optimize your backpack for your travels!

Deuter tells us how to optimize your backpack for your travels!

Watch the video to find out how to optimize your backpack for the trip by putting everything in the right place!



A hiker must limit the load he carries to 20-25% of his weight when planning to walk for a long time. The German army estimates that up to 33% is possible, but backpacking is tiring enough and military equipment is not necessarily necessary...

The centre of gravity of the rucksack should be placed as close to the body as possible and as close as possible to the shoulders, so that it is always above the centre of gravity of the body and thus avoids pulling the wearer backwards. Here is how to store large backpacks (30 l):

- Sleeping bag, down equipment and other light equipment go at the bottom of the bag. Medium-weight equipment - such as clothing - goes just above it. Heavy equipment - tent, food, warm jacket - should be placed above the shoulders, as close to the back as possible.

- small accessories go in the flap compartment, so that they can be accessed easily and quickly. As much as possible, avoid hanging objects on the outside of the bag to avoid the phenomenon of swinging, strong wind resistance and accumulation of humidity. Also try tobalance the weight you put in the side pockets.

- also use the storage bags to optimize your storage. Be careful not to overfill them to avoid blind spots. They are also a good protection against rain (waterproof).

Backpack selection :

Day hike:

Our ACT Trails are light, clean and extremely versatile. They are perfect for all those who are looking for cleanliness and simplicity and who appreciate good ventilation - thanks to the comfortable Aircontact carrying comfort. In addition, there are clever details such as the retractable hip stabilizers, which are very handy when hiking, climbing or running around town.

Backpack Trail 22 L :

Trail Backpack 26 L

Hiking over several days:

Trail pro backpack 34 L:

Maximum carrying comfort thanks to the Aircontact Trail Pro system that is both adherent and flexible, including Auto-Compress hip stabilizers and perforated straps for ventilation. Our ACT Trail Pro is a master in the art of stowing everything that needs to be carried on a multi-day sports hike.

Trail Pro Backpack 36 L :

Cycling over several days:

Attack tour backpack 28 L:

The new AttackTour 28 offers plenty of space for your equipment and is therefore perfect for long trips, even several days. You can open the main compartment completely to have direct access to all its contents. Of course, it is also equipped with the light and state-of-the-art SAS-Tec protector.

Compact backpack exp 16 :

Our freshly reworked compacts will hold you steady on the roughest routes thanks to the clever Auto-Compress construction of the hip stabilizers. In addition, the expandable pack is particularly accessible: the central compartment for tools & co. opens wide.

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