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How about a little outing? A hiking sling is a great option for carrying your baby on long family hikes in the mountains, but also for a walk in town. Our selection of comfortable baby carriers, with or without underwire, awaits you

How to choose the right baby carrier?

Choosing the right hiking carrier can be an important decision for your baby's comfort and safety and for your own hiking experience. Here are some tips to help you choose the best hiking carrier:
  1. Comfort for your baby: Make sure the carrier you choose provides adequate support for your baby's head, neck and back. Look for models with an adjustable headrest, padded shoulder and waist straps, and an ergonomic seat so your baby is positioned properly and kept safe.

  2. Comfort for you: Your baby's weight, combined with the weight of the carrier and hiking gear, can get very heavy. Make sure the carrier you choose is comfortable for you, with padded and adjustable shoulder and waist straps, as well as lumbar support to distribute the weight across your body.

  3. Ease of use: Look for a hiking carrier that is easy to use, adjust and put on. Some models have extra features, such as pockets to store your belongings or sunshades to protect your baby from the sun.

  4. Durability: A hiking carrier should be built to withstand harsh conditions. Make sure the carrier you choose is sturdy, water-resistant and capable of safely supporting your baby's weight.

  5. Safety: All baby back carriers available on the market meet the Afnor standard, ensuring comfort and safety. However, this should not exempt you from vigilance. Once your baby is in the seat, he or she may move or try to stand up, which is why it is so important to properly attach the safety harness (often a 5-point harness). Make sure the harness fits your child properly and pay attention to your child's head, as well as obstacles such as door frames that could cause bumps. Most seats are designed to raise your baby above your head, allowing your child to enjoy the scenery. During the ride, be sure to check in regularly to make sure your baby is comfortable and doing well. Don't hesitate to stop and check.

Ultimately, choosing a hiking carrier will depend on your personal preferences and those of your baby, as well as your comfort level with the different options available. It's important to do your research, read reviews and talk to other parents and hikers to find the best carrier for you and your baby.
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