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Splitboard Accessories: Essential Equipment for Snowboarders

Safety and Performance with Splitboard Accessories

The splitboard is an essential piece of equipment for deep-snow touring enthusiasts, enabling them to combine the pleasures of snowboarding and touring. Splitboard accessories are essential for maximizing safety, performance and comfort on your mountain adventures. These accessories include specific bindings, skins, telescopic poles, as well as safety equipment such as probes and shovels. Each accessory plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and safe riding experience, adapting to varying conditions and terrain requirements.

Types of Splitboard Accessories

Bindings and Interfaces

Splitboard bindings are specially designed to offer optimum support on both ascents and descents. They allow easy transition between ride and descent modes, with interface systems that ensure the board's strength and stability. It's crucial to choose bindings that are compatible with your splitboard, offering good stiffness and a precise fit for better responsiveness and control.

Seal skins

Sealskins are an essential accessory for climbing. They are attached to the sole of each half of the splitboard, preventing backward slippage and facilitating ascent. Modern skins are made from synthetic materials or mohair, offering excellent grip and durability. It's important to select the right size skins and maintain them regularly to maintain their effectiveness.

Telescopic poles

Telescopic poles are another crucial accessory for splitboard touring. They offer extra support when climbing, and can be adjusted in length to suit the terrain. Lightweight aluminum or carbon poles are preferred for their sturdiness and ease of transport. Some models feature ergonomic handles and adjustable straps for optimum comfort.

How to choose the right splitboard accessories

When choosing splitboard accessories, several criteria need to be taken into account to ensure an optimal experience. For bindings, make sure they are compatible with your splitboard and offer a good balance between rigidity and flexibility. For skins, opt for models that perfectly match the width and length of your skis for maximum grip. Telescopic poles should be sturdy and adjustable, with comfortable handles and tips suited to hard, icy snow. Finally, don't forget your safety equipment: a probe, shovel and avalanche beacon are essential for any off-piste outing.

In conclusion, splitboard accessories are essential to ensure safety, comfort and performance on your mountain tours. By choosing the right quality accessories for your needs, you'll be able to enjoy your splitboarding adventures to the full, while staying prepared for the challenges of the high mountains.

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