Although the image of the playboy skiing with a pair of sunglasses on his face has remained, we must realize that the world has changed and so have the styles. As the years go by and mentalities evolve, it is possible to see the helmet being worn regularly, regardless of age.

This is why Alpinstore decides to offer you a wide choice of ski helmets, simply to ensure your safety. During your stays in the mountains, it is nowadays essential to have a helmet to protect your head in case of fall or shock. Gone are the accidents that could be avoided by taking a look at our traditional ski helmets and our ski visor helmets.

The ski helmet is nowadays: an essential piece of equipment. That's why it is important to choose it carefully. Although the design of the helmet is often a very important criterion, it is not the only one! Indeed, technologies that have been worked on for years have made their appearance and need explanations to better understand them.


Its construction

  • Its shell: there are different types of shells (explained below) but this one represents the whole outer part of the helmet. It is indeed the one that will take the first blow in case of a fall. It must therefore be resistant.
  • Its ears: today there are two types of ski helmets: soft-eared or hard-eared. The choice is simple since it will depend on your desire. Opt for hard ears for optimal protection; Opt for soft ears for incredible comfort.
  • Its adjustment: the size adjustment allows you to personalize your helmet and thus offer you optimal comfort. Once in place, it should not move. If it does, adjust it so that it is correctly attached to your head. To help you select the right size, take a look at the Alpinstore sizing guide.
  • Its ventilation: It is very hot when concentration is at its maximum. It is therefore important to have a helmet that is sufficiently ventilated to avoid sweating. Depending on the openings on the helmet shell, ventilation will be more or less strong.
  • Mask holder: At the back of the helmet there must be a mask holder, which allows you to keep your mask on even in case of a fall. It is important to ski without worrying about your visibility.


The shape of the ski helmet

Helmet options

  • Its weight: The majority of the models have a so-called classic cut, representing less than 550g which seems reasonable in terms of weight. Note that the In Mold technology (explained below) is the one that will be the lightest on your head.
  • Its adjustment : As said before, it is essential that the helmet is fixed on your head and that it does not move. If it is not stable, then tighten it by the chin strap or by the wheel located at the back of your head. This knob allows you to tighten or loosen the helmet according to the desired comfort.
  • Its ventilation: Today, almost all ski helmets come with a ventilation system, whether permanent or adjustable. If it is adjustable, you can manage the air flow to control the temperature throughout the day.

The technologies

  • MIPS Technology: MIPS technology is now integrated in many helmet models. This technology reduces the rotational forces applied to the brain during an impact. Helmets incorporating MIPS are designed to absorb direct impacts very effectively and to reduce forces by allowing the outer shell to rotate slightly relative to the liner. This technology therefore ensures optimal protection in all conditions. You know your helmet has Mips if there is a small yellow logo like this one on the back or side of the shell :

  • ABS Technology: Composed of two independent pieces glued together, the ABS shell allows a high resistance in case of a fall since it is made of hard plastic. The EPS foam inside the helmet provides shock absorption and diffusion. Please note that helmets with ABS shells are lighter than average but provide optimal protection.
  • In Mold Technology: A thin layer of plastic is fused to the EPS foam inside the helmet. The piece is therefore unique and minimizes the weight of the helmet on your head. Although this In Mold shell is lighter, it is less solid since it may have micro cracks in case of a fall.

Your gender

Alpinstore takes care of you by offering you a wide choice of ski helmets, whether you are a man, a woman or a child. Adapted to the morphology of each one, your helmet will fit you perfectly and promise you optimal protection. Find all our man's ski helmets, all our woman's ski helmets and all our kid's ski helmets ; all our m'ens visored helmets, all our woman's visored helmets and all our kid's visored helmets.


You will have understood that it is essential to have a ski helmet that meets your needs/wishes since comfort and safety during your skiing days are essential. To choose the right ski helmet, just look at the criteria explained above:

  • The model you want:
    • Classic helmet
    • Visor helmet
  • The desired level of protection :
    • Choice of the hull
    • Choice of ears
    • Choice of setting
  • The desired level of comfort :
    • Choice of ventilation
    • Choice of weight
  • The design

You know all about ski helmets so go to Alpinstore to find the right model for you. Find all our ski helmets and all our ski visor helmets.