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The visor helmet ? A little jewel

Alpinstore offers many models of helmets with visors to meet a great demand. Indeed, it is since a few winter seasons that the visor helmet takes an incredible extent. Worn by both adults and children, this model of helmet provides incredible protection while guaranteeing optimal comfort.

Many people wonder what the purpose of the visor helmet is. That's why we decided to tell you more about it ... If you want to know what it looks like, go to our brands: Bollé, CMP, Cairn, Cébé, Giro, Julbo, Rossignol which offer you Ski helmets with visor men's ski helmets, women's ski helmets with visor and also children's ski helmets with visor.

All in one!

As previously mentioned, the visor helmet has become very popular in recent years. Trendy and very modern, this model of helmet comes with many advantages and here they are:

- All in one: the visor helmet combines the helmet and the ski mask. Indeed, the visor integrated into the helmet ensures an incredible combo.

- Ideal for all: Very efficient and practical, it is perfect for glasses wearers because this model allows to position the glasses under the visor. Usable by both adults and children, the visor helmet promises a memorable success.

- Easy to use: once on your head, simply push the visor up to remove it from your eyes or push it down when you want to protect them. No more problems with the mask slipping off and hanging off the back of your helmet.

- No more fogging: since your screen is integrated into your helmet, no more fogging. The visor helmet ensures a clear and precise vision, whatever the temperature.

The different screens

Like all masks, the visor helmet exists with different categories of lenses that correspond to different luminosities (weather).

- Category 1: glass with a clear tint that is perfect for days of very low light (fog for example).

- Category 2: lenses with an intermediate tint that are ideal for cloudy days.

- Category 3: lenses with a dark tint that allow you to see properly on sunny days.

- Category 4: a lens with a very dark tint, often used on glaciers or at high altitudes.

But the visor can have a "photochromic" screen which allows to keep the same glass in case of good or bad weather.

- Photochromic : a screen that reacts to light and adapts to UV rays. As you can see, the glass becomes lighter in low light conditions and darker when the sun is shining. Versatile, this type of visor can be kept on your eyes whatever the weather.

The helmets with visor of the brand Cairn offers a wide range of visors with different types of different types of protection, but also interchangeable visors.

Everything has been said about the visor helmet so don't wait any longer if you want to be trendy this winter. Even though it may seem expensive at first, the visor helmet is an incredible piece of protection that provides you with optimal safety and comfort.

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